Random Moments – The Last Blockbuster Employee

the last blockbuster employeeWhen Venice and I got married we both considered Blockbuster part of our family. Throughout our marriage, Blockbuster nights, buying old used DVDs for $3.99, renting games, paying too much for candy and microwave popcorn, and even threatening to beat up employees that hit on Venice, Blockbuster has been great to us.

The one thing I always assumed about video store employees is that they loved movies, and seemed to enjoy the idea of working at video stores.  Unlike working at Lowes or Home Depot where the conversation with customers tends to be about light fixtures or nail sizes, the Blockbuster employees would grab each video you were renting and tell you how much they enjoyed or hated it.  They would even throw in a the fact that they watched it 3 days before it was released to the public just because they could.  This always made me a bit envious.  I knew I could have watched it in the movie theater, but I didn’t.  I knew technically everyone in the world had the opportunity to watch it before it came out on video, but it was the 3 to 6 month period of darkness between the movie not being in theaters and it showing up at Blockbuster that I really wanted to see the movie and I couldn’t.  However, Benjamin could.  He had the Blockbuster employee, a few days in advance, hook up.  Oh yes, how bad I wanted to have that hook up.

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