V’s Weekly Wet Inbox – Is Swallowing While Deepthroating Dangerous?

deepthroating“I saw in a video you deepthroating your husband. ¬†Supposedly you say he cums. How is the possible? Won’t it go into your lungs and give you pneumonia. Do you swallow or does it just disappear?”

I have done this enough times to know when my man cums, and I see it up close. I know when his dick gets extremely rock hard, he is about to cum within seconds. I know this because I can feel the hardness change as my throat gets tighter and there is less room for his dick to expand. I know when he gets goosebumps on his ass cheeks and inner thigh, he is about to cum or is already cumming. The point is, I know 30 seconds before he is about to cum, while he’s cumming, and when he’s done. I know a man’s body, or at least my man’s body. But I’m sure he’s not too different from most men in how their bodies react during an orgasm. During deepthroat, the penis goes down the esophagus, a muscular tube that extends from the neck to the abdomen and connects the mouth to the stomach, which does not lead or in any way connect to the lungs and do not pose a threat in contracting pneumonia.

Do I swallow the cum after the orgasm? In a way, yes, in that I am ingesting it. There is no actual swallowing motion because when his dick is pushed deep into my throat, my mouth and tongue are almost frozen in place, which also prevent me from breathing. However, I can make only the slightest muscle contractions in the very back of my throat which do less for swallowing and aiding the movement of the semen down the esophagus than it does for giving the dick a “blow job” feel. And, of course, the cum doesn’t just disappear. Like anything else you eat, it goes straight to your stomach where further processing of nutrients and vitamin commence.

I think the sexiest thing for me is knowing that I take his entire dick all the way down, cutting off my air supply, making my eyes water, and just knowing that in the end, my man shoots his load deep down into my throat. I can’t taste it because there are no taste buds that far back. I can’t feel an actual cum shot because of lack of nerve endings. This is probably one of my favorite (if not absolute favorite) position as I feel powerfess in a way that I have to trust my husband to not kill me with his dick and let me up for air. But it’s also empowering because I can turn the tables around on him by begging for more. The physical results are just as important as the symbolic