Q&A: My Boyfriends Balls Smell Awful, Even After Showering

balls smellMy boyfriend’s balls smell so bad. He showers every day and washes himself down there but it doesn’t seem to help. He sweats a lot in general so I asked him to start using talcum powder but that hasn’t helped at all.

It’s so bad that when he does a load of laundry and some of his boxers are in there, everything comes out smelling like his balls. Kind of a musky sweet vinegary scent. It’s nasty. The laundry is hanging up to dry in the bedroom right now and I had to open a window because the entire room now smells like his balls.

If he scratches or touches his balls, his hand smells disgusting after. Sometimes we are cuddling an watching a movie and I say “did you just scratch your balls? your hands smell” and he says yes.

I’ve seen him wash his junk in the shower and it seems like he does a pretty good job: he lathers soap everywhere with his hands (even in his butt crack) and washes thoroughly. But even right after showering, there is a slight funk still there.

This is my first sexual relationship so maybe that’s normal?

I’m starting to think maybe he has some sort of fungal or bacterial issue going on? I really really don’t think he will go to the doctor about this because he’s too proud and that’s an embarrassing issue.

Is there anything else we can try before I beg him to see a doctor? Maybe simply washing with soap isn’t enough? Should I buy him a washcloth? Some sort of antibacterial soap?

Any advice would be great.

Venice’s response:
We all sweat, but some more than others and in higher, more voluminous concentration of “musk.” Is odor normal? Yes! We’ve all got our own odor, scent, musk…whatever you want to call it – that is just as unique to us as a fingerprint. When I get home from work and give Ryan a hug, he knows my scent. I don’t work outdoors; I stay in an air conditioned building all day. When my daughter borrows my clothes, she’ll often say, “This shirt smells like you, mom.” And I feel that way about them. I know their smells when I hold them, when they kiss me, when they walk past me.

However, by the way you describe it, your boyfriend is just too much for you to handle. There are steps you can take to keep this odor in your living area down to a minimum. Grooming and shaving can help with odors. Make it an event and shave his balls. Not only will it help with the smell, but shaving itself is done by lathering up the area with soap, and then getting a good clean scrape of the area with a razor to get rid of the hair. You then follow up with a thorough rinsing. I never feel more fresh than when I am newly shaved because I spend more time than usual in that area to really get it prettied up.  I would also try to wash his clothes as soon as he is done wearing them as the odor will linger. I’ve also heard that changing your diet can help, i.e. cutting down on spicy and/or flavorful foods, red meats. From experience, I found that foods with fewer ingredients were less likely to upset my stomach and therefore keeping my stomach more “clear.” The same goes for red meat. I don’t know why, but chicken does not have the same effect on me.

Because our bodies have so many crevices and sweat glands, grooming can be even harder for someone like your boyfriend. But it may not even be his fault. It could be a medical condition that neither of you are aware of which is why it is difficult for you to fix. Keep a log of the methods he’s tried to combat this problem and see a doctor, if this is really something that you both feel is beyond your control.

Ryan’s response:
If my balls smelled like vinegar I’d see a doctor immediately. That’s serious business in my book! I can nearly cut off my finger and won’t go to the doctor because who really needs 10 fingers anyway right?  I can get my leg caught in the lawn mower and still try to walk it off. Who really needs two legs? I’ll just buy a pogo stick and hop around. But if there is a problem with my balls, smell or otherwise, I am going to the doctor immediately. No pogo stick is going to replace those.  I do not want anything wrong with my package and I like to think I take great care of it. Have him visit a doctor to see what is going on. Other than dipping his balls in bleach or spraying his nuts with Febreze, I really do not see an easy fix to your problem if soap is not working.