Threesome Memoirs – Our First Sleepover

two panties-picsayRyan and I have been seeing one of our girlfriends for months now.   For the most part, we’d only been seeing her during lunch breaks and occasionally dropping by her job to say hi.  We’d been pretty content with seeing her sporadically, squeezing each other in during our days. But then things got a little more serious.  For me, I would say the pivotal point of our “relationship” was when she started buying me things.  It started with lunches, then gradually moved on to sex toys. To me, spending her hard-earned money meant that she thought about me/us as more than sexual gratification.  And no matter how hard I wanted to ignore it, it tugged on my heart strings just a little bit.

Recently I asked her about the possibility of spending the night.  I explained to her that the lunch time meetings were great, but I wanted to spend more time with her, get to know her a little, and just not feel the need to be rushed because of time constraints.  She agreed that it was a great idea.  I couldn’t wait!

A few Fridays ago was a big day for me and for Ryan.  I prepared my mind and body for the things to come.  When she arrived, she was dressed in jeans and a tank top and she let her hair down..literally, down her back.  I wasn’t used to seeing her out of work clothes; immediately I felt my mood lighten.  I made drinks for all of us and we sat outside with Ryan as he grilled.  It was such a nice change of pace to be able to sit and enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about time.  We teased Ryan about him cooking for two women as we took turns slapping his ass through his jeans. As the drinks started to take effect, we started to get more and more comfortable around each other.

We sat outside for a while with our steak and broccoli and watched as the sky turned violet above us.  Although it was perfect outside, I only had one thing on my mind: getting inside the bedroom.  I stood up and motioned for Ryan and our girlfriend to head inside.  I went to the bathroom and started running a bath.  A few minutes later, I went back outside and saw that they took my hint and began putting the chairs and grill away.  I approached her and whispered, “Want to take a bubble bath?” She looked at me with a surprised look, but nodded eagerly.  We started undressing as soon as we got into the bedroom.  We got there just in time as the bubbles were about halfway up the tub.  After we slipped in, I turned the jets on, letting the force of the water massage us.  She told me about her boss who was married, but also had a girlfriend on the side, both of whom knew about each other.  “What an asshole!  Being married and having a girlfriend!” I exclaimed.  “Oh…wait,” I quickly said.  We both laughed after we realized what I had just said. Ryan walked into the bathroom after he heard the commotion.

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