Dirty / Used Panties Vending Machines in Japan – A Closer Look

used panties
Spotted in Tokyo in 2012 – “Used”

Originally I did what I always do when I want to see if something is true: I used Snopes.  Snopes claims that Japan having used panties vending machines is absolutely true.  This confirmation has been backed up by numerous visitors and tourists, military personnel stationed in Japan, and various photos that have popped up online over the years.  However, you’d be hard pressed to find a Japanophile that likes to talk about this subject as most of them get quickly annoyed and laugh off the idea as an urban legend and  ignorance of the Japanese culture.

What’s interesting for me is, selling used or dirty panties is not just a Japanese trend, it’s a world wide fetish.   I personally have never bought a pair of used panties, but when Venice  and I were apart during our college years, I loved receiving care packages from her.  Whether it be homemade cookies, candy, cute mementos, sexy photos, or yes, even a ziplocked bag of her worn panties for me to smell her naughty scents, I loved it.  I have also heard many stories of soldiers overseas being sent used panties from their girlfriends or wives, so the idea of used panties being a turn on shouldn’t surprise anyone.  I suppose the difference is, buying used panties from a vending machine that supposedly was worn by a random young school girl is just embarrassing.  Which I admit, it is.  Which is why selling them in vending machines makes that much more sense.

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