Random Moments With Us – Fat Joe featuring Chris Brown “Another Round”

sandcastlesThe other day a song came on from my list of songs on my phone: “Another Round” by Fat Joe f. Chris Brown. I hadn’t heard it in a while, so I let it play. I know that Chris Brown is the new R. Kelly (a.k.a. douchebag personified) and I’m not a huge Fat Joe fan either, but if I were to choose between the lesser of two evils, I prefer Chris Brown. I know, I know. But I can’t deny he has a soft, creamy voice which has basically been the soundtrack to my “How I learned how to deepthroat” sessions several years ago. He holds a special place in my playlist.

So anyway, we’re listening to the lyrics to “Another Round” and although I’ve heard it a hundred times, we noticed something a bit odd about young Chris Brown’s solo toward the end of the song:

“Girl you got that bomb thing, no I can’t resist
I’mma light some candles girl, then tie up your wrists
Then i’m licking chocolate right up off your stomach
Baby you ain’t had no freaky shit like this

Ryan: Did he just call her vagina a thingy?
No, a bomb thing.
I haven’t called a vagina a thingy since like 3rd grade.
Venice: So what are you saying?
The line just feels wrong like, Girl you got that bomb private part I can’t resist.
Venice: Haha.  Or more like, “Girl you got that bomb pee pee area I can’t resist.”
Ryan:  “Girl you got that bomb yucky cootie place I can’t resist.”
Venice: Let’s light candles and eat chocolate yum yums.
Ryan: What grade was he in when he wrote this?
Venice: “Yeah, girl…do you like me? Circle 1 for yes and 2 for no. <3U4ever”
Ryan:Girl, I wanna take you out to dinner…at Chuck E. Cheese’s and eat pizza til our sides hurt…”
Venice: “…and our arms go numb from playing skeeball a lot.”
Ryan:I’m freaky girl…I’ll buy you chocolates and that Garfield candle with the Chuck E. Cheese’ tickets we win.
Venice:I wanna sit on the benches in the mall and engage is some massive heavy petting.
Ryan:You make my heart all warm like the Similac in my baba.
Venice: Haha!

Yes, we sang those lines as if they were the actual song lyrics.  You try it.

P.S. Yes, they are in the video making sand castles.

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