Q&A: Should I Hire an Escort To Have Threesome with Me and My Wife?

Q&A:  Should I Hire an Escort To Have Threesome with Me and My Wife?

First, I am from a county in Nevada where Escorts are legal.  With that being said, I hope we can get past the legal issue and just talk about whether or not hiring an escort is a good way to have threesomes with my wife.  She is bisexual and loves women as much as me.  However, it just seems damn near impossible to find a unicorn and I am not interested in full out swinging with another couple just to enjoy two women.  

Venice’s response in threesome with escorts

We’ve actually answered a question about escorts and threesomes in the past.  But it’s been 7 years, so let’s see if we come up with a totally different answer this time around!  First, as you clearly stated, it’s legal in your state, so that’s covered.  If you and your wife are both agreeable, I do not see why not?  We’ve thought about flying out to Vegas and possibly hanging out with a companion, but have never taken that step.  I guess partially because I enjoy giving a woman oral sex just as much as receiving.  And I am unsure if I would enjoy giving an escort oral sex.  Call me cheap, but paying to make another woman orgasm?!  However, it would still be a great idea if I wanted to spoil my husband or bypass the giving part of the experience.  

Regardless, it still comes down to two adults agreeing whether or not they want a professional or the “girl next door.”  Good luck finding the girl next door, because most of the “girls next door” we have dealt with were extremely sketchy.  I know that sounds weird, but these girls just seemed like they were hiding something (like a boyfriend or husband).  Or they just wanted to get to know a couple so they could use their “unicorn” status for favors.  For instance, we once had a girl we were hooking up with ask if she could use our travel camper.  WHAT?!  I mean, I can see borrowing a cup of sugar, but our entire 30 foot camper trailer?

So if your wife is really into receiving and being ate out by another woman, then an escort may be perfect for a threesome.  Just make sure you both understand a professional may eat her out better than you ever could, and fuck or suck you better than she ever could.  I mean, she is a professional.   Other than that, it is absolutely possible to enjoy a no strings attached threesome with an escort.  Just make sure you communicate and work out all the possible problems prior to taking the plunge. 

Hopefully that answers your question.

Ryan’s response in threesomes with escorts

I agree with my wife on the escort being a professional.  It’s not like my wife can go out and play 1 v 1 verse Lebron James and expect to keep up with him.  So if you hire a professional, just make sure you are both secure with your own sexual attributes.  

With that said, if you both are cool with it, for sure.  Guaranteed no strings attached, no games, and just pure adult fun with a woman who knows what she is doing.  And the truth is, she is probably just as clean as any woman that doesn’t date professionally.  I’ve found that the women interested in threesomes with a couple are extremely promiscuous and love sex.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I just don’t see their numbers and an escorts numbers being too far apart.  And that’s just being honest.  

You also get the rules up front, no misunderstandings, and no late night messages asking to borrow your camper trailer to go on a camping trip.   In this day and age you do not have to roam the streets or dark corners, you can find female escorts and quickly set up a date.  

Good luck with your threesome adventures!