Threesome Memoirs: Shai Wan

Threesome Memoirs: Table of Contents

shy asianNot everyone can be straightforward. Not everyone can hide behind the anonymity of emails and texts. Sometimes their shyness is apparent in their language and how they project themselves in how they communicate. I’m not mad at them. Sometimes I can lack in the aggression department, and sometimes I feel I’ve said things that were out of my real life personality.

With all this being said, I came across a Asian girl who lived a few cities away and didn’t seem to be like the other females with whom I’d previously communicated. I didn’t know it at first, but she seemed very shy. I’ll call her Shai Wan.  She was the quintessential Asian: tiny, light skin, and long hair. The picture used in this blog is not her, but seriously, she was just as adorable.  In fact, she was so cute I found myself being taken back to my childhood as she reminded me of Sailor Moon and her band of hotties; I’m referring to Sailor Mars. But that’s neither here nor there.

Asians aren’t really my type, but Shai Wan was gorgeous and I couldn’t help but be attracted to her look.  At first we talked via email only. She sent a few G-rated photos of herself and I sent a few of me.  After emailing her a few times, I decided to text her. She was hot in every way, but when she started sending explicit pictures, her panties looked like off white cotton long johns.  I didn’t know if she was wearing thick white leggings or cotton grandma panties.  Either way, it wasn’t as sexy as I hoped but I still responded,    “Hot.”  I then sent an ass shot of myself in panties, too, but mine was a thong with the outline of my lips showing very clearly as if to say, “Look… this is the kind of picture you should be sending!”  But she just didn’t seem to get the hint.   “Send me another one, sexy. Bend over if you can.”  Her granny panty shot was followed with her slightly bent over in the same panties, only it was a mirror shot so the flash reflected just perfectly. Or should I say, imperfectly.  At least I knew they were live pictures and not just part of her “Hanes Her Way photo album” on her phone.

I wasn’t sure what to say. It wasn’t my job to teach her how to send dirty selfies of herself, so I ignored it. I just assumed she was being careful in what she was sending. No big deal. So was I. I then told her, “You have such a cute little ass. I wonder what your pussy tastes like?”   I really wanted to know, in fact, I still do.  I’d love to taste an Asian woman.

Before I could text, “Pull your panties to the side, let me see what you’re hiding,” she said, “Can you use code talk like ‘I want to go to your grandmother’s house for some peach cobbler?’ when asking about my private areas?  I don’t want my husband get to suspicious.”

Go to where?!  For some what?!  Did that mean if I ever wanted to talk about eating her pussy I had to refer to the area between her legs as “grandmother’s house” and her vagina as “peach cobbler”? 

Yes, she was married.  Yes, she let me know he wouldn’t understand that she was bisexual.  At this point, we were both only interested in developing a kinky little text friendship, not a threesome.  Ryan was okay with this, and I wanted to see her sexy little ass.  I guess I understood the code talk.  Like, if he grabbed her phone she would have a bunch of messages about us going to her grandmother’s house for peach cobbler.  Not really sure how she explains the selfies of her in her grandma’s panties though?   I guess she could say she borrowed was trying on her grandmother’s panties after she was done eating cobbler? 

Over the next few texts, I noticed that she started getting more and more brave. Her selfies moved to her breast shots in the mirror.  She labeled the breast picture, “my rubix cubes.”   Although she was looking down, you could clearly see her cute face.  The code talk thing was a bit awkward, but the fact she was gorgeous kept me interested.   From what I could see of her rubix cubes, they were extremely cute. However, it was apparent she had an old fashion cotton top that seemed matched her long john panties perfectly.  Maybe a little bit of black lace would have been more grown up, but I guess it adds to her overall cuteness.  I had a feeling she hadn’t been a flirty texter for very long.  The more pictures she sent, the more I felt awkward looking at them, as if I were watching a B-rated porn on my phone. Or at least Showtime after midnight wondering if this might be the one where I get to see a shadow of a nipple. 

She tried though. Even when she claimed to have accidentally emailed me a home video of her and her husband’s sex tape. Yes she sent me about a 3 minute long sex tape.  This was probably the most kinky thing she did, but unfortunately it wasn’t really a sex tape.  Also, her husband was the “Grocery Store.”  If she texted, “I am going to the grocery store” her husband was home.  That was his nickname. And in the video, that may or may not have been sent to me on purpose, I think I saw a butt cheek. It was so dark. They had sex completely under the covers. All I could see was the covers moving.  It was like a Disney porn. I turned the volume all the way up hoping I could hear a little bit of dirty talk. I heard nothing but a few whispers and  what I think was an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” on their bedroom television. 

This woman was beautiful and adorable, but unfortunately, a little too secretive and shy for me to continue communication.  I quickly lost interest in Shai Wan. She did absolutely nothing to stimulate me mentally or physically. I can foresee trying to meet her being limited to sitting across a table from each other with our hands in plain sight and talking dirty in code language, “I want to play with your rubix cubes and tickle your Cheerio.”

Anyway, I guess I won’t be going to the grocery store with more  peach cobbler anytime soon.   We need to find a new grandmother’s house quick, I’m getting hungry!