63 Year Old Swinger Sleeps With 3000 Men While Married

marieMarie Calvert has slept with over 3,000 men in her lifetime.  I suppose some of you are wondering why that’s even worth mentioning on a sex blog. Well, Marie Calvert, slept with all 3,000 men while she was married.

Ryan: Like with most of our blogs with commentary on certain articles, we are going to respond with different thoughts that cross our mind while reading. Nothing we say is meant to offend anyone or attack a lifestyle.  It’s just our stream of consciousness (in conversation) with no real filter.  

Venice: For sure.  As bloggers that blog about everything we try not to judge others…

Ryan: …3,000 partners though?  What the fuck.

Venice: The number 3,000 definitely makes my jaw drop, single or married. I guess it’s like the first time I heard that Gene Simmons from Kiss had slept with over 4,000 women in his life time.   To put things in perspective, Gene Simmons is a world famous rock star with women throwing panties at him while he is on stage during his concerts, while Marie Calvert was just an average housewife with kids having sex on the weekends. 

Gene Simmons has claimed that he has slept with 4,897 women. The bassist of glam rock band KISS shocks many who believe the “free love” nature of the older rock groups were a bad thing for society. It has also been claimed that another rock star, Mick Jagger slept with more than 4,000 women

Venice: After seeing Gene Simmons sex tape, I’d say there were 4,897 very disappointed women fans.  Size, technique, and time spent, all very much underwhelming.

Ryan: 4,897 women wishing they were Motley Crue fans afterwards.

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