Random Moments – Sex So Good It Took Us Back To The Future

back to the futureA few Saturdays ago, Ryan was invited to watch UFC 182, Jon Jones v. Daniel Cormier, at his friend’s house. Because of a prior commitment with our little ones, I wasn’t able to go. This was a very highly anticipated fight for Ryan, so I told him to go and to call me if he got bored or if he wanted to say hi. The preliminary fights started at 7:00 p.m. and the house was an hour away. He was bringing drinks, so he knew he had to leave about 5:30 so that he can stop by the liquor store and get provisions.

4 o’clock rolled around and he hopped in the shower to get ready. Meanwhile I went to the kitchen to pre-heat the oven for pizza. I set it to 455 degrees fahrenheit. It called for 450 degrees, but I was too lazy to hit the minus button on the oven to make it exact. I’ve never known a frozen pizza to burn because of five degrees.

20 minutes later, Ryan is ready and I put the pizza into the oven. We all flock to Ryan in the kitchen to say good-bye to him and to shower him with hugs and kisses, but I’m not ready for him to go yet. I touch his crotch and told him that I wanted to fuck him. I pull him into the room and start to undo his pants. “Damn, girl! You just had it! You want it again?”

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