Big Tips For Men With Small Penises

small penisThis article was written as a response to a question from a reader regarding how she can convince her lover that  he is amazing in bed, regardless of the size of his penis.  

Some of the responses below may seem shallow, but this article and these tips are meant to help guys use their tools properly, not preach about how all dicks are created equal and a good woman would never judge a man according to his size. 

1.  Move slow.  This is probably the most important tip of all, especially if your penis is smaller than average.  The last thing you want a woman to focus on is the size of your penis, and if you move quickly your penis tends to exit our vagina, then reenter.  We can feel the sensation of your penis leaving our bodies then reentering us.  This also tends to pull our lips inside with your shaft.  This doesn’t feel good.  It may feel great to you because the lips rub against your sensitive head, but it doesn’t feel great to us.  Although I will admit, teasing a woman with a larger penis, there is a time and place for this technique; the smaller men need to stay away from it.  Move slow and steady.  The slower you move, the larger your cock will feel.  Most men move quickly, especially when they get over excited.  This makes a 6 inch man feel like a 3 inch man.  I’m Asian but this  is simple math.  How long does it take for a man to reach his full potential of movement?  The faster a man goes, the smaller it feels.  The slower he moves, the larger it feels.  If your stroke is slow and deep, you can make your dick feel almost twice the size, but this takes a good man with a great stroke.

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