Q&A: My wife is convinced I am a gay man

My wife of 10 years is convinced I am gay following our sexual encounter Saturday night. We went out to a friends birthday party. She drank more than usual.  We got home at midnight, baby sitter left. Go up to our room, get ready.  I get in bed first, I bend over the bed to grab a few pillows that fell off on her side. She comes out of the bathroom and tells me to freeze.  Usually this means something important so I do. She comes over to me. Starts kissing my butt cheeks.  Starts fondling my balls and penis. Licks my balls from behind, sucks on my penis a little. From here she does something she never has done and has never been on the table.  She starts licking my taint, around my anus and near it. With about 5 minutes of teasing she sticks her tongue in my anus and licks left, right, up and down…..all over.

First off, this felt incredible and turned all my buttons.  After a long tossing I flipped over, she then grabbed lube and put her finger in my anus and started massaging what must be my prostate while blowing me.  I cum hard 3 mins later.

Next day and still today she has closed off and all she talks about is how I am a gay man and we should never have been married or had kids.  Doesn’t know why I hid it all along, blah blah. Not sure what to do here. Shes wrong and I only find women sexy/attractive.  Anyone have a similar experience and can help?

Venice’s response to gay husbands

That’s a nice story!  I am glad you got to experience anal cunnilingus and enjoyed it!  There is nothing wrong with getting your prostate played with or enjoying your wife rimming you.  She sounds like she is either teasing you or just being very immature.  Sometimes women control men with manipulative passive aggressive behavior.  For instance, making you feel guilty for enjoying something she offered to do to you.  Maybe she is concerned you will want that type of blow job more, so she throws in a gay comments to keep you from being comfortable asking for it.  It could mean she just wants control and only wants to do that type of play when she feels like it.  

For the record, I am the exact opposite.  I can do all those things to Ryan and he will make jokes about being gay because he likes it so much.  I actually tell him to shut up, nothing I do to him can make him gay.  Being gay makes him gay, not his wife playing with his ass.  Our bodies are a playground, ride the swings, get on the seesaws, hang from the monkey bars, whatever.  Enjoy yourself!

Ryan’s response to gay husbands

If enjoying a rim job and getting my prostate massages means we are gay, then I am also gay.  It’s all just labels, who cares.  You enjoy what you enjoy, and labels are something people create to try and understand things.  For your wife, calling  you gay helps her understand why you like your anus played with.  It’s immature and ignorant, but it helps her understand.   I guess if you wanted to be equally as shallow, does her licking your anus and taint like it’s a vagina make her gay?  The whole idea is silly.  Your wife can’t do anything, including pegging you, that will make you a gay person.  You can’t make someone gay.  They either are because they feel they are, or they aren’t.