Threesome Sex Positions – Underdog

The Underdog is probably the first position most couples try when having their first threesome.   It’s easy to get situated and it feels great.  Each person in this position can also be spoiled The view for the man is orgasmic.  Seeing a woman bent over with her ass up in the air and the other woman’s face below her putting whatever she can in her mouth is exciting as hell.

Disclaimer:  Although every position could be performed with two men and a woman, 3 men, or 3 women, our threesome sex positions we illustrate are focused on ffm threesomes, because these are the threesomes our blog and us as a couple have experienced.

Difficulty Level
Beginner:   This position is usually the first position most people try when having a threesome

Pros & Cons
+ This position gives the man a euphoric sensation of his balls being licked while feeling the inside of another woman’s vagina
+ The woman on bottom can also make the woman cum by focusing on her clit with her tongue while she is being fucked by the guy
+ The girl on top can make the woman on bottom cum through oral sex
+ A dripping cream pie or pulling out and cumming in the bottom girl’s mouth are both fun options


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