Our Experience: Deepthroating While He Urinates (part 1)

First of all, let’s try to make sense of the article and put this gross idea in perspective.  We know most people are not into urine play, we understand that most people think it’s disgusting, and we know that not even porn websites openly allow urine play or golden showers on their servers.  We don’t care.  Apparently we are not normal, because not only do we not think it’s gross or disgusting, we have no problem with urine and do not find it nasty or dirty. Does it taste good?  Nope.  Does it smell bad?   Nope (as long as we do not eat asparagus), not unless you think movie theater popcorn smells bad . Does it belong in the person you loves stomach? Probably not, but I will talk about that issue in more detail throughout this blog.  From Japanese soldiers fighting in World War II running out of medication and drinking their own urine to stay healthy, to the once World Champion MMA fighter, Lyoto Machida, drinking his own urine each morning to stay strong and fit.

On May 7, 1996 there was a theory published in the Theoretical Medicine Institute, that drinking your own pee may work as a “cure” for cancer.  The theory is that with cancer cell antigens in the urine, when ingested again, it will help your own immune system create antibodies and so your body may well be able to cure itself of cancer.  ~ Theoretical Medicine Institute

Does that mean Ryan and Venice are into feces or 2 girls and a cup? Absolutely not. Feces is toxic, smells, and obviously tastes like shit.  We’ve never played with feces, and that is one thing we have both talked about that just doesn’t turn us on or do anything for us.  This isn’t the first time we have discussed urine play, as in December of 2012, we shared our golden shower photo shoot and story with our blog.  However, that was far from our first experience with urine, as we have always been opened minded enough to try new things with each other throughout our entire relationship (we have a polaroid of us playing years ago — yes, a polaroid).

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