Review: Vibease (Wearable Smart Vibrator)


img-vibease-iphone-androidAfter reviewing another vibrator that had remote connectivity, a few of our readers sent us emails and turned us on to the Vibease. I will try to not compare between this and the other item, as they are both great vibrators, but I will list below some of the things Ryan and I both enjoyed with this product.

This style of sex toy (smart vibrators) is the future of long distance relationships. To be able to watch the person you are in a relationship with via Skype or Facetime and see how they react to the vibrator settings you control, while at the same time letting her watch you stroke yourself, is probably as close to real sex as a couple can get when they are 100/1000s miles apart.  It’s not just for long distance relationships though, as Ryan and I have used it while both of us were at work until the batteries ran out. It made a long boring workday much more exciting to say the least.

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