Video: Swallowing Cum While Deepthroating

It’s not easy recording video when you have just two people.  No matter what we try, we end up with footage we don’t really like.   Or, one of us likes and the other doesn’t.   Either way, we originally decided to do a video of a cumshot while I deepthroat because of all the different requests.  Well, we tried.    “Swallowing Cum While Deepthroating”

We are much better at taking photos. 🙂

In a perfect world, Ryan’s cum would have shot up in the air about 8 feet and dripped down his dick on the same side the camera can see so everyone knows he is cumming.  I would then engulf his penis with my throat and let the world watch his balls twitch while cum drips out of my mouth and/or nose.  Yes, having his cum drip out my nose would be an amazing shot!


The reality is, the first cumshot didn’t fly up 8 feet and instead nicely poured out behind the penis so the camera does not pick it up.  Other than some nice bubbles of cum at the base of his penis as I shove his cock down as far as I can (watch closely), it just looks like I am deepthroating.   However, let it be known, Ryan does cum and his entire cumshot goes down my throat.   It doesn’t come out my nose because it is down past my sinuses.    I suppose this is a compliment for him, because I’d assume through my own experience and throat anatomy, a slightly shorter penis (that can make it down the throat, but not far enough to pass the sinus area) would launch out a cumshot and it would fly up into my sinus area (and then out my nasal passage — my nose).  I know this feeling because as I deepthroat, I do get a build up of saliva that will shoot up my sinus area and cause me to get a runny nose.   In other words, I get how a cumshot can end up being a snot rocket.  Wow, these videos can end up being great deepthroat anatomy lessons.  Ha.

“Today class, I will explain how cum snot rockets are formed.”

I assume we will be the only website that ever pops up if anyone was to magically google the term “cum snot rocket.”  Haha.

Anyway, Ryan’s sperm doesn’t stay on the back of my tongue, doesn’t drip back up my throat, down the back of my mouth, and out onto his balls, and unfortunately for the viewers, doesn’t shoot out my nose.   I absolutely taste or feeling nothing.   He cums and it goes directly to my stomach.  This is how that works, so anyone requesting a cumshot while I deepthroat, it’s not the most action-packed video.

For the man though, I’ve heard it feels absolutely amazing.  I believe my mouth can get lower on the cock than even a vagina can, because unlike sex with a vagina where her thighs and his hips stop a man’s body from getting absolute balls deep, a mouth and a deepthroat can keep going.  Ryan has said he can feel the tightness of my mouth deep on his balls, and only my mouth gives him this feeling.

Enjoy the video.  Sorry if it falls short on expectations.

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