Attention all Virgins Looking To Have Sex For The First Time

Like A Virgin, Touched For The Very First Time

We found an interesting take on the idea of losing your virginity being “over hyped” and not a big deal.  Although this guide was written with the right idea in mind, the author seems to lose himself and accidentally makes virginity that much more of a big deal.   I mean, he wrote a whole essay about it!

Disclaimer:  It may seem like we are coming off toxic, but please know we are just being lighthearted and having fun with the article.  Our comments are meant to add a bit of entertainment value to the original guide, because… why not?


So, I’ve just turned 28 which means that I’m now enough of an old man to give life advice 🙂  I’ve been reading a bunch of people asking questions about the topic of losing their virginity lately and wanted to give my thoughts.

Losing your virginity is a big deal only if you never had sex

We’re conditioned by society (and maybe religion too) to think of our first time having sex as this huge milestone, like a watershed moment in becoming adults, or something like that. There are countless movies about boys and girls having sex for the first time (more on that later).

In retrospect, your first time having sex is no big deal. It will just be the first time of many more. Ten years later, you’ll consider that moment just the same as the first day of school as a kid. While you might remember well your first math class (and it might still haunt you), your memories from your schooling days will be primarily made of all the other experiences you’ve had during those years.

Your first time will be ‘ok’ at best

Forget the movies: your first time is very unlikely to be anything like that. Sex is dirty, messy, stinky, and in general quite gross, to be honest. You might end up being all sweaty (try showering together at the end). It likely won’t be as finely romantic as in that Hollywood movie.

In my first time, I remember being so nervous and excited at the same time, that I actually had a partial black out, and at the time I felt like I was “on autopilot” and my memories are confused (yet I was fully sober).

Venice:  Yea, it’s totally not a big deal guys.  I mean, you will get confused, literally black out from all the endorphins like you are high and drunk, and then write about it for years to come.  Not a big deal though.  lol.

Ryan:   And this is why men all over the world are excited, anxious, and can’t wait to lose their virginity.  They want to black out too!!  You can ride a roller coaster once and be so scared and excited that you black out. That’s a rush and a crazy experience.  Now if you ride roller coasters so much it loses all it’s luster, then yes, it’s easy to look back and say, “Riding a roller coaster isn’t a big deal.”  Nothing compares to the first time you rode a roller coaster, even if it was the old clunky wood one that didn’t do any loopty loops!  

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