3 Years of Anonymous Vagina Submissions From All Over The World (Part 3)

3 Years of Anonymous Vagina From Around The World 

You are normal. Your vagina is normal.  And your vagina doesn’t show how many men you have had sex with or how many babies you have or haven’t had.  No matter what your age, number of sex partners, or the the amount of children you have had, your vulva can be small, large, thick, or thin.  And guess what?  Every variation is beautiful.

Below are self submissions of women from all over the world that have decided to share their vulva / vaginas, to raise awareness that all women are not alike.  Empowerment in showing other women that there is nothing wrong with the way their vaginas look.  This is 3 years of  anonymous submissions, along with commentary from the woman who submitted the pictures.


Self Submission:

Age 33

I’m 33 years old. Never been pregnant/given birth (this seems like relevant info we should be adding). I don’t care what anyone thinks about my genitals anymore, except for my husband. Sometimes I shave, sometimes I trim. Trimmed this week.


Next Self Submission:

Age 20

Sorry about the lighting! I shaved a bit (around my butt and perineum and a bit around the edges, a couple days ago I think), and I trimmed a bit. I kinda like my lady parts.


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