A Warning About Threesomes – The Superpowers of an Introvert

A Warning About Threesomes – The Superpowers of an Introvert

Although we have had various issues with having threesomes, the issues didn’t outweigh the positive results:   the experiences brought us closer together.  We just didn’t feel the things that people warn you about when it came to threesomes.  In our relationship prior to opening our bedroom, complacency had taken over.  We had become roommates, able to function and say we love each other without showing it, having sex just to get relief with little to no intimacy.   At the crossroads of our relationship, we either needed to find a way to be excited with each other, or rethink our marriage.  We both decided that our marriage was something we didn’t want to give up on.  The alternative to separating and giving up, was opening our minds and trying things we had never done.  As we reconnected, we shifted back into a honeymoon phase.  A rebirth of wanting intimacy, closeness, and a new willingness to try new things.  Much like when we first met, all the things we wanted to try sexually were discussed and something we were excited to try.  In a new marriage, this gradually dies off and you just become complacent, rather than excited to be around each other.   It’s also easy to close the door on new ideas, open marriages, or exploring your sexuality.  Especially when you marry young.  A catalyst like realizing your marriage is almost over, can push people to try new things, because at that point they have nothing to lose.  Also, if you are going to go out single and explore your sexuality, why not do it with someone you at least have history with.  Especially when you have nothing to lose.  Warning.

During our second honeymoon phase, both sides were willing to try new things that we hadn’t tried in the first 12 years of our marriage.  In the process, we learned that we never wanted to go back to being complacent.  Complacency was our biggest mistake, in our experience. 

A Threesome Warning

However, our experience isn’t everyone’s experience.  Below is a great article about a guy that started having threesomes while in a relationship.  During the process, his girlfriend, who was an introvert that liked to write out her thoughts on paper, gave him a list of all the reasons they should stop having threesomes.  Rather than listening to her reasons, the excitement of threesomes, the intoxication of the freedom to have threesomes, and everything else a man’s mind goes through, had him arguing with her list, rather than listening.  This could be extremely helpful to other couples out there that may be going through the same thing.

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