Watching Him In His Natural Habitat – My Husband’s Masturbation Habits

OK guys..we’re in the natural habitat of the human man. You can see that it’s a very lush area, not too dangerous, but still want to be careful. Never know what’s lurking. Over here we got vidya games, a stack of gym socks wadded up into little half balls, and a pet lizard. Not too treacherous, but watch your step here.
FEMALE VOICEOVER: Since this is our first time exploring this region, we have to be very careful as we don’t want to upset the delicate balance of this habitat. Although it’s not dangerous, it’s very common for man to live with other creatures, such as other humans, or even animals, in a symbiotic relationship.
Woah woah woah! I think we found one guys! Oh crikey, look at that man on the computer chair watching porn while he strokes his hard cock.  We have to be careful here, you never know when that thing will spit at ya.  It’s okay big fella, I’m not gonna hurt ya.
FEMALE VOICEOVER: Because contact with other humans is inevitable, we all have to be very careful when living with the human. He’s a very loud creature, but when things get really quiet, that’s a sign that he has retreated a private spot.
Take a look at that cock.  See the striping along the center? He must have been a massive fight sometime in his life. And that coloring…just gorgeous! Let’s get a closer loo—woah there! Easy, boy..EASY! We made eye contact..a sign of dominance over his surroundings.
[man covers up as fast as possible and jerks his body away from us]
Oh ho ho! He’s a feisty fella, ain’t he? We caught him off guard.  He’s gonna shell up and protect himself from us.  This could get a bit dangerous. Let’s back away, guys..slowly, slowly. It’s alright big guy, we’re leaving. You’re alright, you’re alright..
FEMALE VOICEOVER: As we leave, we try to follow the golden rule of nature: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.

Male MasturbationMasturbation is normal for me and Ryan. So much so that when are alone together, watching a movie, laying around, or getting ready for bed, it’s common for us to put a hand down our own pants and just…relax.  Not to orgasm, not to be perverted, but to simply relax. In fact, if he’s not spooning me, I lay in his arm and hold his balls or dick in my hand.  It’s become second nature to me.  Just last night, I was laying next to him watching a movie, and I guess he felt my wrist tendons moving against his leg and asked, “Are you touching yourself?”  I was.  Not to cum, but it just felt good to lay there and tickle my lips while I straddled his body watching a movie together.  We have no shame, because I do this very openly and do not care if he feels, sees, or knows I am playing with myself, even when sex is the furthest things from our minds.

So, one day last week, I decided that I wanted to watch Ryan masturbate like he was alone in the room by himself. Although I have seen him masturbate a lot, it was always with me sitting on his face or laying on his stomach rubbing his balls.  I had never really watched him masturbate like he was totally alone without me helping or being his visual stimulation.   I pulled out his dick as he  sat on his computer chair. He loaded xhamster on his computer as I sat next to him. He got comfortable and searched for “woman deepthroat,” which was perfect. I love to see a woman deepthroat. We both do.

Change of plans.  I need to touch his dick and feel it in my hands.  I can’t just sit there while porn is on, emotionless like it’s a science project.  🙁  Instead of watching him masturbate alone, I decided I would stroke his dick off for him, while he used his free hands to browse porn and do what he would normally do if I was not in the room.  Except obviously he has the benefit of being totally hands free.

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