A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind – 15 Sex Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2015

AGWDM-15-sex-blogs-to-follow-in-2015-banner-v21-300x200One of our favorite bloggers, Bobbie Morgan, has listed us again as one of the 15 Sex Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2015.  She has been listed on our site since the day we opened and we do not intend on ever moving her.  She has also made our quarterly and top lists (whenever we get time to put those lists together) every time. Again, we thank Ms. Morgan for mentioning us and helping introduce our site to new readers.  We appreciate everything she does for us and for anyone that hasn’t checked out her blog, it’s a must read.  Amazing blog, amazing content, and a great person running it.

15 Sex Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2015