Q&A: Should I Tell My Husband I Am Gay?

Should I Tell My Husband I Am Gay?

We got married seven years ago after dating for just four months. I was in my early 20s, a virgin, without any sexual experience and I thought my attraction to women was a phase that I would get over once I started having sex with a man. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and I’ve been repressing my desires ever since.

I genuinely love and care for my husband, he’s my best friend and the father of my children, we have built a family, a home and a life together. I would never walk away from him, we still have sex 2-3 times a week which is a lot after seven years and two kids. I do enjoy having sex with him. Physically it feels good, and it’s the only kind of sex I know. Initially, I had vaginismus, a psychological condition where the vagina muscles tense up, but I’ve learnt to relax. We do most things in bed but the act that makes me the most uncomfortable is kissing. I’ve never enjoyed kissing, especially passionate open-mouth kissing. When he initiates a kiss, I try to turn away or close my lips or let him kiss me while I think of something else. He has noticed this, but I’ve just told him that I don’t like to be kissed on the lips. This is the only thing that I dislike… I actually enjoy or don’t mind the other parts of our sex life.

Lately, I’ve been more and more curious about what it would be like to be with a woman. It’s a longing almost. I want to find the woman of my dreams, yet I don’t want to give up the life I have with my husband. I want to stay with him, I want to keep having sex with him, but I want to see other women.

I’m not bisexual, I’m 99% gay. I haven’t been attracted to men other than my husband, and my attraction to him only slowly developed over the course of many months.

I’m worried about how he would respond. I don’t want him to think that I’ve been deceiving him all this time or that I’m not attracted to him or that I’m going to leave him. I’ve thought about telling him that I’m bisexual and want to explore my attraction to other women in real life, which he can handle I think. Or should I just tell him the truth.. that I’m gay and have always been this way?

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