Midnight Snack

Midnight snack
Midnight snack

I squeeze Venice in my arms as tight as I can, my forearms under her underarms with my hands cupping her shoulders from underneath.  My face is buried in her neck and I can only see her hair and smell her lotion.  My back arches upwards as I grind my hips as deep as I can between her thighs.  She wraps her arms around me head and holds my close to her. It almost feels motherly, because I feel completely safe in her arms, even though I am near my most vulnerable moment.  I feel so safe I just want to climb back inside her, so I dig as deep as I can, trying to put my penis in her womb.  I feel the pain of an orgasm building and I squeeze my muscles so hard my body begins to shake.  My penis is buried so deep inside her vagina I can feel her back walls smashing my head and pushing my shaft back into my own body.  This pressure, the back walls pushing my erect penis back into my prostate, creates a greater orgasm intensity.  The pain hurts.  I slam my dick as hard as I can, hurting us both the entire time, just to get our bodies as conjoined and close as possible while I release inside her.   I shoot everything I have stored in my testicles and listen to her moan as she feels the thrusting of my hips slamming against her crotch.  This deep hard pumping motion is also what Venice physically enjoys the most.  It makes her cervix twitch and triggers her own orgasm.  She has said to me that she is unsure what really triggers her penetration climaxes, but she notices that after my first release of semen,  her body, specifically her cervix,  starts twitching almost immediately.  She has suggested that it could possibly be from the chemicals in my semen.  I have no idea, but I do know anything happening is nature and our instincts making conception as pleasurable as possible, for both of us.  I’ve heard a woman’s cervix dips into the pool of sperm left inside her while she orgasms, if she gets hers after his.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the chemicals in sperm create this reaction, as it helps with conception, but I’d assume it also is a mental thing, knowing she just made a grown man turn to mush in her arms simply by letting him feel and explore her special little hole she kept hidden from everyone her whole life.  That’s got to be a powerful feeling for a woman.

As I lay on her chest for a moment and listen to her heartbeat, I can still feel her vagina walls convulsing and tightening around my dick.  Her eyes stayed closed and she is bitting her lips.   I tried to whisper something in her ear and she immediately said, “shhhhh.”  Her “penetration orgasms” can last up to a minute after I stop moving, so I will lay on top of her with my softening dick inside her until she is through.  Although not as intense as her “clitorial orgasms”, she seems almost numbed and out of consciousness for a longer period of time.  She will not respond or talk, just move her hips slow and tighten around my dick until her body is done spasming.   

The smell of her lotion has changed a bit because of the heat of her body.  Everything feels perfect.  I get up and kiss her forehead and tell her how good she felt.  We both confirm that we enjoyed the moment.  It’s always special when both of your bodies our on the same page and you orgasm in unison.  I get off of her and slowly let my penis slide out of her body.  She immediately closes her legs to keep all of my semen inside her.  I head to the shower while she lays in bed keeping her eyes closed.  I notice that she has slid her hand down over her pussy and is slowly circling her clit with her fingers.  Her cool down.  Venice enjoys the idea of her body absorbing my semen, and has acknowledged that she does feel the affect of the hormones and mood altering chemicals the longer she keeps my full load trapped inside her  (some people have a hard time grasping this concept — she doesn’t).  

As I finish my shower, Venice strolls in behind me holding her fingers up to her pussy lips so my semen doesn’t drip all over the place.   I step out of the shower and she slaps my ass jokingly saying she loves my “juicy booty.”   Her mood after sex is always positive and upbeat.  I dry off and lay down in bed nude as she hops in the shower and washes off.   After she is done with the shower she walks past the bed and lifts the covers.  She glances at my butt or package or whatever she sees and makes a teasing, “ohhhhhhhhhhewwww” sound.  I pretend to not care but I love how playful she gets after sex.  She sits down at the computer desk and begins to work on a blog.  At this point, I am extremely tired and pass out.

I wake up panicked because I feel this weird sensation in my stomach.  I had probably  been asleep for an hour or two, so it was a deep sleep you normally do not wake up from.  Immediately I can feel my legs, feet, and chest exposed to the air because my cover and sheet is completely off me.  I was sleeping nude, so I didn’t feel anything removed or tugged on.  I look down and see Venice laying her head on my legs sucking my dick, which for whatever reason, gave me a butterfly sensation in my stomach.  I wasn’t hard, so she was sucking my flaccid dick with her head sidesways in my lap.  I’ve never really sat back and thought what it would feel like to have my penis in a girls mouth while I was totally unconscious or not wanting that sensation.  It feels weird.  To explain it better for those who can’t imagine this experience, think about someone nicely tickling your back as you fall asleep.   It would feel great and relaxing.  However, if you woke up and someone was tickling your back, it would almost freak you out.  Your mind has to grasp what is going on for you to really enjoy these things.  Getting my dick sucked was no different.  

What’s funny is, writing this blog reminds me of another time recently when Venice was sucking my dick and stroking me while I had already fallen asleep.  I remember having a partial erection but was so tired I was in and out of consciousness.  Each time I woke up I had this huge urge to just cum everywhere, but I’d fall back to sleep and dream about my penis feeling extremely oversized and hard.   Eventually, I believe I came and she swallowed or cleaned everything, but honestly I am unsure exactly what happen.   I had an orgasm sleeping, but only Venice knows how it looked or took place.  It seems scary  like sneezing with your eyes open, but I do wonder if I moaned or made an “o” face in my sleep.  A few times after this incident I’ve joked publicly about being taken advantage of, but joke or no joke,  it is definitely possible.   Venice has managed to make me orgasm while I was sleeping. 

Oops, I jumped off track a bit. 

Anyway, I woke up and Venice is sucking my dick.  Her body is faced up and she is laying her head in my lap.  Her face is sideways with my flaccid dick in her mouth, sucking.  I also hear this buzzing sound and look over to see both her legs spread and her massager between her thighs.  Venice has told me she enjoys her orgasms more if she has my penis in her mouth.  I do not know if its a comfort thing, or it just turns her on to feel my penis in her mouth and throat while she cums, but she woke me up just to suck on my dick while she played with herself (not the first time we have done this, as a lot of times when we face fuck, she will use her massager and cum while  my whole dick is going in and out of her throat — which she has blogged about loving to cum while she can’t breath — deep throating).  I assume, had I not just had sex before I fell asleep I would have woke up and participated a bit more, but that didn’t happen.  I fell back asleep and woke up to her screaming with my dick almost vibrating in her mouth as she came.  She shoved her face onto my crotch to get all of my dick in her mouth and throat, and yelled as she came, except she can’t yell.  My dick just vibrated.  I felt this huge jolt but only hear a muffled gasp.  A very intense gasp, but muffled.

I am immediately excited and feel myself growing in her mouth.  She had different plans.  She turned her toy off, threw the covers back on me and rolled over.  Within a minute she was asleep.  That’s it.  I wish I had more to tell you about this story, but that is it.  I’d say it was anticlimactic, but for Venice, it wasn’t.  For you as the reader, and me, it was. 

I love her.