3 Years of Anonymous Vulva / Vagina Submissions From All Over The World (Part 1)

3 Years of Anonymous Vagina From Around The World 

You are normal. Your vagina is normal.  And your vagina doesn’t show how many men you have had sex with or how many babies you have or haven’t had.  No matter what your age, number of sex partners, or the the amount of children you have had, your vulva can be small, large, thick, or thin.  And guess what?  Every variation is beautiful.

Below are self submissions of women from all over the world that have decided to share their vulva / vaginas, to raise awareness that all women are not alike.  Empowerment in showing other women that there is nothing wrong with the way their vaginas look.  This is 3 years of  anonymous submissions, along with commentary from the woman who submitted the pictures.

Asian, 22 Years Old.

Honestly, I’m pretty fine with my genitalia. Growing up, I didn’t see many naked people, but the naked people I did see (mom) had hair, so I couldn’t actually see very well. The best I had to go off of was a “teach your kid about sex” book that I read alone. I had a small mirror for lip gloss and I compared the diagram in the book to my own parts and it looked like the diagram, so I figured I was good to go (age 10-12). I didn’t realize until semi recently that there are many different shapes and colors and sizes, and they are all unique. Additionally, I always preferred completely bare, and have de-haired the area consistently since prepubescence through now. I recently tried growing a cool landing strip, but due to constant wax/pluck, my hair is very sparse and will never grow to look great ( think middle school boy tries to grow a mustache).

Sometimes I’m self conscious about the color, as it’s darker than I thought it “should” be. Other times, I am self conscious because one of my lips, the left I think, is just slightly slanted or just longer. Due to constant grooming, I also can get some ingrown hairs, which sucks!

I see ladies with nice and big labia, or a great landing strip and I wish I could have those things too. When I am aroused, I don’t think anything really noticeably changes, maybe my clitoris girth.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the way it aesthetically looks, but I am ALWAYS self conscious if someone is looking at it. I just feel like it looks tastes feels smells gross, so I sort of obsessively bathe and groom it.

The photos are : closed legs, open legs, a view of my clitoris, and a view of my labia minora.

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Age 29

I used to despise my vulva, I loathed how large my labia were, and dearly wanted a labiaplasty to “fix” them.

It took me a long time to accept the appearance of my vulva. I think I was around 25 when I finally realised I wasn’t a “freak” and that my vulva looked perfectly normal.

But my insecurities about my labia, along with my other body image issues, prevented me from becoming sexually active for a long time. I was too afraid of what others might think of my naked body, and that they’d have been as repulsed as I was (at the time).

Right now, I have a very full bush. I do like and enjoy having a bush, but I will probably get a wax when it’s summer so I can wear a bikini (!)


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