Review – Using Nature’s Way Coconut Oil as Lube

coconut oilSo far we have tried two different brands of coconut oil, one of them was awful and one of them was amazing.  We’ve decided to review Nature’s Way Coconut Oil because we are on our second container and I’d absolutely suggest it to all of our readers.   There are so many advantages to using coconut oil as lubrication for anal or vaginal sex I do not know where to begin.  Like a lot of our reviews, we will talk about coconut oil from each of our perspectives.


Venice: For my vagina it seems to keep me wet for much longer than normal synthetic  lube.  We’ve tried K-Y-Jelly, Astroglide (which seems to have refined coconut oil in it), and various other brands, but none of them felt as comfortable as coconut oil.
Ryan: For information purposes, I’d like to add that when you are extremely sexually active, lube helps keep the penis and vagina in good shape.  Although a woman’s natural juices are fine for having sex 3 to 4 times a week, I personally would suggest using lube to help prevent tears from too much friction.  Sex causes microtears in the vagina and penis, if not lubricated properly.    This can lead to infections as well as, extremely sore genitals.   The tears add up.  The tears may vary depending on penis size and how naturally wet your vagina gets.
Venice:  No shame in my lube game.
Ryan: Ha, anyway, I love it because it smells amazing and is easy to clean off.  Depending on the lube, some make your penis feel waxy afterwards and have medicine like smells that I do not enjoy.
Venice: Yea, I hate washing off after sex and the K-Y Jelly just reminds me too much of a doctor visit.
Ryan:  Yea, unfortunately I have been on the receiving end of K-Y and a finger at the doctor’s office and there is nothing quite like the feeling of your doctor leaving the room and asking you to clean yourself up.   The walk of shame over to the paper towel roll with my pants half down and my anus dripping with K-Y is on the bottom of my “must experience” list.
Venice:  How does it feel getting anal sex with this lube?
Ryan: Are you trying to be funny?
Venice: No, I didn’t mean ask your doctor to use coconut oil the next time he or she penetrates your rectum and feels around,  I meant, how does it feel on your penis to use this coconut oil with my ass?
Ryan: Sexiest. Question. Ever.  Well, the more comfortable you are, the more I enjoy it.  To be totally honest, my dick enjoys the friction whether it’s well lubed or not, but my goal is to never really hurt you.  This coconut oil seems to work the best with your body.  It definitely seems to tear you less.  It also seems to keep your anus lubed well enough so that I do not have to make pit stops for more lube before I finish.
Venice: I agree.  Nothing has felt as good in my ass or vagina.  It helps lube me for anal perfectly and keeps my vagina more lubricated than my natural juices can so I don’t get as many tears from rough sex.   I want to keep my lady parts in pristine condition.

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