The Little Things: Bras and Boat Shoes

Boat ShoesWhen someone asks you why you love him, it’s difficult to pinpoint the ways in which he brings joy into your life.  It’s easy enough to say, “Because you love me for who I am” or “Because no one makes me laugh like you do.”  Well, obviously.  For me, it’s not two or three things, but rather many, many small reasons that make our relationship unique and quirky. 

This past Monday, Ryan got off work early and headed to the mall.  He usually heads straight home or to the grocery store on these days.  But when he got to the mall, he called me while I was still at work.

“Hey, V…guess what?”

“What is it?”  I asked.

“I’m at the mall and I found a bra I think you’d like.”

“Really!  How does it look?”

“It’s black with gray polka dots, black lace, pink straps, and a pink bow in the middle,” he told me.

“Oh, that sounds pretty.  Nice find…thanks!”

“Yea.  I found something for myself, too,” he added.

“What?”  I was hoping it wasn’t work clothes.

“I bought some dark gray shorts and a pair of all-black boat shoes.”

“That sounds cool,” I told him.

“Yea. I don’t think I’ve ever seen all-black boat shoes before.  So when I saw the shorts and the shoes, I thought I would look cute in them,” he confessed.

Something he said had tickled me.  “…wait…” I began.  “…wait…what did you say?”

“What?” he asked with a hint of innocence in his voice.

“What did you say, Ryan?”

“Um..I said..” He hesitated momentarily, hoping he can wiggle way out of this one.  “What do you mean?”

“You would look WHAT in them?” I asked again, trying to contain my laughter.

“What.”  I could feel him rolling his eyes at me through the phone.  “WHAT?!  I said I thought I would cute in them. OKAY?!  My best friend is a Filipino girl and it felt normal!”

I started to laugh under my breath, my body twitching from the stifled giggling.

Ryan tried to defend himself.  “So what if I said cute.  Cute cute cute.  Does that still sound funny now?”  I laughed even harder.

Just then one of the VPs stuck his head into my office.  “No, Ms. Jones.  She’s just in here laughing,” he told the receptionist in the lobby.  “We thought you were crying,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry.  My husband just said something funny,” I told him.

After I hung up with, I knew this would be a cute little story to share.

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