The Little Things That Make a Huge Difference

Her Hand
Venice’s sleeping hand (photo taken last year)

Last night I was tired and ready for bed. I believe Venice was up working on her blog about her nipple bells self destructing after a photo shoot. Before she was done, I was out for the night. I slightly remember her waking me up saying there was an issue with the video posted, but I was so tired I couldn’t help. I suppose a half hour later, she worked her way into bed. Not only did she climb in bed, but she nuzzled her body up next time mine and started clawing her way around my stomach. I scooted closer to her so she could get arm around me and get to sleep. Instead, I felt her fingers walking down my crotch, reaching for my penis. I scooted up a bit more, I think, so she could get a good hold. I was out.

I woke up about 4 am in the morning and my penis was completely erect. I did a short kegel to feel my erection and I noticed that Venice’s hand was still wrapped tightly around my penis. I looked down, and she was still holding on to me, even while she slept. I nicely unwrapped her fingers to get up and go to the bathroom, but I smiled the entire time. A woman in love doesn’t go to sleep holding a man’s penis, unless she loves the man it’s attached too. I do not care how someone else tries to analyse the situation, she loves me. Not only does she love me, she loves my penis. And not in a way every wife is supposed to love their husband’s penis, she really loves it. Her actions do not lie and after years of marriage, she still wants to grab my penis at night before bed and just hold it all night for no other reason than she likes the way it feels in her hand.

 I can’t blame her though, I have been feeling myself all my life and have yet gotten tired of it.

Ladies, girlfriends, wives, gay men, whatever. It’s the small things (no pun!) that make a huge (yes pun!) difference. How much energy and effort does it take to hold your man’s penis while you sleep?

If your goal is to be his “perfect” spouse, this could possibly get you one step closer in the right direction, even if he already has you on that sacred pedestal.

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