The Others 2020: Submissive Feminist

The Others 2020:  Submissive Feminist

We will start the new year off by changing an old category of our blog which was originally planned to just share random stories from different bloggers and couples.   Thankfully, during the process we were able to meet The Quad and Anie’s Diary.  Unfortunately, as the years passed, we have lost touch with Anie, but we are happy to share that The Quad is still together and doing wonderful.   Submissive Feminist.

We haven’t really put up any new articles for this section in years, so we have decided to keep it around but add our own celebratory toast to other sex blogs.  A challenge for 2020. 

We want to learn about other bloggers, like us, or not like us at all.  We want to give ourselves homework and dig more into the sex blogging world, rather than just skimming it and dropping our opinions on the random sexual things that we experience.  I am excited at the idea of following new people on social media.  And at the same time, maybe we can help introduce some of our readers to other sex bloggers that they may not have had a chance to check out.  You know, let these sex bloggers smell the flowers while we are all still blogging.  Either way, I am excited to dive into other blogs and see what they are all about.

My husband and I will research and learn about one other sex blog each month for the next 12 months. So that will be 12 new sex blogs we learn about in 2020.  We will link each other and talk in txt about our thoughts.  I will then take portions of our txt conversation and publish for the world to read.  

If you are a blogger and you disagree with any of our opinions, questions and answers, or our attitudes towards sex, and want to be removed off our blog, please contact us and we will quickly and quietly remove your blog off our website.   

The Others 2020:  Submissive Feminist

Okay, so I am going to just head over to Kinkly and browse various sex blogs I have seen on this list for years.  Selfishly, we haven’t really checked any of them out.  

Oh, look at this name, Submissive Feminist.  Dang, I like that.  Out of the 100 different sex blog names, this one pulls me in the most.  I really like submissiveness, but know don’t know much about the feminist aspect.  Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Submissive Feminist: Saving the World One Orgasm at a Time

Venice:  Here is the link to her page:

Ryan:  Saving the world one orgasm at a time.  Dang I saved the world a lot…

Venice:  I am sure you have.

Ryan:  This really does give all my secret birthday wishes of world peace when I was younger a whole new meaning, that’s for sure.

Venice: Well shoot, I can help her save the world a few times a week for sure.  

Ryan:  Let’s get you a costume…

Venice:  …and if we’re counting how many times I make you orgasm, I have been saving the world twice a day for the last 7 years.  Sign me up sis!

The Spreadsheet

Ryan:  Oh dang, check out this article about her sex spreadsheet.

Venice:  I’m sold!  I love this girl’s content.  I tried to click the spreadsheet and get a more clear view of everything she has done in the last year.  This type of article is fun, exciting, and I love how she keeps track of all her sex stats.  

Ryan:  Yea, the stats idea really impresses me.   If that was a rookie baseball card, I’d keep it in mint condition because it will probably be really worth something some day!   

Venice:  Oh God Ryan, don’t compare her sex stats to Jose Canseco’s 1988 rookie card by Dunross.

Ryan:  Wait…let me Google that.  If that was his rookie year and you just pulled that out of your ass.

Venice:  I totally just pulled that out of my ass.  But was I close?

Ryan:  Not his rookie card, but close.  

Venice:  Well, I tried.

Ryan: But seriously, imagine sex cards.  On the front we have bloggers, and on the back we have a break down of their sex spreadsheets?

Venice:  I love that article and idea.  What a cool thing to do.  

What About Submissive Feminist?

Venice:  Let’s check out the About section of Submissive Feminist and see what she is all about…



Ryan:  Well?

Venice:  Hold on, I am still reading.  

Ryan: Me too.

Venice:  Dang, now I am intimidated!   She has all the credentials you’d expect from a sex therapist or sex blogger.

Ryan:  Truly.

Venice:  I mean, I just have sex with my husband a lot.

Ryan:  Feeling a bit inadequate now.  I mean, I’ve watched a few adult video instructionals and been to a sex show, but I don’t think they were accredited or anything?

Venice:  No, the Mexican shows definitely weren’t accredited Ryan.

Ryan:  Shush!  I meant like conventions.  

Venice:  So you went up to a booth at a sex convention, the one with all the various squirrel tail butt plugs and the next thing I know we are starting a sex blog.   

Ryan:  Pretty much… in a nutshell.

So What Do You Think of Submissive Feminist?

Venice:  I loved it.  I love her.

Ryan:  For sure.  This is a great blog, great content.  I could probably go on for days about all the cool articles and ideas this blog has.  And judging by her Instagram and Twitter accounts, she seems amazing.

Venice:  Absolutely!  I am so glad we had a chance to dig a bit deeper and learn a bit more about a fellow sex blogger. 

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