The Others 2020: OMGKinky

The Others 2020: OMGKinky

The purpose of this section was originally to share stories from different couples we met through social media: The Quad and Anie’s Diary.  Unfortunately, as the years passed, we have lost touch with Anie, but we are happy to share that The Quad is still together and doing wonderful.  We decided to expand the section so we have a chance to learn about other sex bloggers and share them with our readers.  You know, let these sex bloggers smell the flowers while we are all still sex blogging.  Either way, I am excited to dive into other blogs and see what they are all about. OMGKinky

We will research and learn about one other sex blog each month for the next 12 months. So that will be 12 new sex blogs we learn about in 2020.  We will link each other and talk in txt (gtalk) about our thoughts.  I will then take portions of our txt conversation and publish for the world to read.  

The Others 2020: February – OMGKinky

So working on a question and answer blog about plus-sized men and different sex positions, we were looking for a source-link to a good experience with a penis extender / enlarger.   Our experience wasn’t great with an extender, so we were hoping to find something more positive.  In searching for an article we found a hidden gem, OMGKinky.

OMGKinky: Guess what I found…

Ryan:  Hey, I was looking around while finishing up that q&a blog and I found this page,

Venice:  Oh, let me see.

Ryan:  I was sourcing her story about her boyfriend using a penis enlarger and I found myself reading through the entire thing! 

Venice:  You actually read something?

Ryan:  Ha. Ha.  Funny Venice.

Venice:  I’m sure it was better than our experience.

Ryan:  I know, you hated the enlarger.

Venice:  I mean, if it’s your thing to turn your penis into a lightsaber and stab around in my lungs to see if I enjoy it, I guess…


Ryan:  Her writing is extremely thorough and detailed.  You should check it out.

Venice: I am.  I am actually really digging her style.

The Hotwife

Ryan:  Well, in her case, girlfriend

Venice:  A Hotgirlfriend! 

Ryan:  Great blog. 

Venice:  I love the way she includes text messages and original artwork along with it.  You can tell she takes her time.

Ryan:  We could learn a thing or two from her. 

Venice:  Geez, she turns a kinky story into an extremely informative blog that goes into detail about everything Hotwife related.  I feel like I just became a Hotwife guru!

Ryan:  Slow down girl….

Venice:  LOL!  You scared she might influence me?


Ryan:   I like my coolwife, or chillwife, or allminewife…

Venice:  I am a pretty chillwife.

Ryan:  For sure.

Venice:  To be honest, I’ve never really thought about what a Hotwife thinks about.  I truthfully didn’t think they really even existed!  Usually I just see pictures on twitter, memes, and various things like that.  More like what guys wish existed… and maybe a few couples will fall for it!

Ryan:   Lol!  I actually get that same vibe when I see the Big Black Cock cuck memes.  Every time I see a BBC meme I just imagine a factory full of black men editing photos in Photoshop hoping they sway the world.

Venice:  Oh gosh, we just tainted this write up…

Ryan:  Just jokes.   It’s definitely interesting to see what goes on in her head while setting up a Hotwife date.  

Venice:  Yea, and with the texts to her boyfriend… definitely a good read.

What About OMGKinky?

Venice:  Let’s check the about me section of OMGKinky and see what she is all about.

Ryan:  Well, her name is Jess.

Venice:  That’s all you got out of that?

Ryan:  I mean, it’s important to know her name!

Venice:  Seriously Ryan?

Ryan:  She seems normal, down to earth, and like a lot of us bloggers, introverted.

Venice:  Yea, reading her stories you can tell she is thoughtful with what she writes.

Ryan:  It doesn’t surprise me she is shy and keeps to herself.

Venice:  Pretty much every writer’s trait.  

Ryan:  Yea.  Not sure if these photos are of her or cropped shots she found that match with her various stories or her.  Not that it matters, but I am finding myself comparing moles and tattoos to see if its a model or her!

Venice:  Forensic Selfies.

Ryan:  Yea, I can’t help it.  Regardless, great blog, great stories, and I am glad I found it. 

Venice:  Let’s give her a follow on her twitter  and read some more of her work!

Ryan:  For sure.


If you are a blogger and you disagree with any of our opinions, questions and answers, or our attitudes towards sex, and want to be removed off our blog, please contact us and we will quickly and quietly remove your links off our website.   

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Hi guys, thank you so much for this, you really made my day. <3

yeah, i also like it) you will not get bored even in quarantine)