The Sims – It’s More Than Just A Game

The SimsI play games but I enjoy the more progressive style ones that gradually level you up as you play.  I’ve never played “The Sims,” but I have played something similar to it.  However, I still understand the gameplay and understands how it works.

When you start, your character walks around and you can see the bars above their heads indicating if they are happy, sad, bored, etc.   People pay money to play this game, and I get why.  It’s fun to develop your character, get a good job, get a handsome husband, build a huge house, and have a bunch of kids, all of which you can halfway monitor in three hours time.   Life in a nutshell.

This morning, Ryan was tired and sometimes his sex talk is still in “dream land.”  I know he has never played “The Sims,” but for whatever reason, as I was giving him a blow job upon him waking up, he mumbles, “Fill my ‘mood bar’ and make me a better man today.”  At first I slowed down and thought about what he said, but continued to fondle his balls and slowly suck his dick.  The more intense I got, the more his body tensed up.  Eventually he moaned, “Make me arrogant and cocky.. I want to feel like a man at work.   My mood bar is halfway there, keep going…”

At this point, I knew what he meant.  I am unsure as to why he made this reference as I have never seen him play “The Sims,” but it definitely helped motivate me.  Life really is simple.  My man wakes up, I look over to him, I visualize his ‘mood bar’ is low and he is still tired.  If I am loud or wake him up rudely, his ‘mood bar’ continues to drop.  It’s not like work is going to make his mood any better, or the drive home in traffic.   At the end of the day, I end up with a husband whose ‘mood bar’ is rock bottom.  If I were playing a game, I know I would never let my little fake computer binary coded character let his happiness bar drop all day.  I would do everything I can to get it as full as possible and keep my character replenished and ready to take on any obstacle in the game.  So why wouldn’t I do the same for the man I love and chose to spend the rest of my life with?

For a man or person to be productive, they need to be happy and motivated. I have this power. As a woman, as a wife, as a sexual partner, I have this absolute power over my husband to control and help his moods. Not a power to tell him what to do, not a power to be bossy and bitchy, but a power to make him a better man. The power to make his day better. The power to make him function and come home happy. I’m reminded of the father from “The Wonder Years” and how he would come home pissed off and just sulk. For years, I watched Kevin Arnold”s father act this way: grumpy, tired, not bending in his ways, and someone you’d walk on eggshells around. Not that the character would change if Kevin’s mom sucked his dad’s penis more, but it’s how some fathers and men are viewed.   The Al Bundys.   I do not want that in my man. I want him in a good mood with our kids, I want him in a good mood with me, I want him texting me throughout day telling me how he had so much fun before work, I want him to think about me the whole day, and I want him to come home excited about being there. How do I do all that? I fill his mood bar every morning. It doesn’t make sense not to. I wouldn’t ignore a fake video game character’s mood, so why the fuck would I ignore my husband’s?  I have the power each morning, to wake up, check my husbands red “mood bar” and turn it bright green.  It’s my responsibility as a caring wife to ensure his life and health are at maximum capacity.  The more I slurp, the higher the bar goes up. The more enthusiasm I show, the quicker the bar goes up. Eventually, I end up with a husband who asks ME to stop (as in all my previous articles – usually in the morning we do not orgasm), gets up and grabs my face, and kisses me and calls me the best wife in the world.  My red bar immediately begins to rise. On the way to work, my phone rings. It’s my husband wanting to chat and talk. My red bar turns slightly green. At work, I get text messages, quick phone calls, and reminders of me being on his mind (daily), my own bar is bright green.  My mood is happy.  I know I am the only person in the world who wields this power over my husband. And for this, I ensure my husband wants to have lunch with me, wants to see me after work (sometimes right on the table in his office), can’t wait to get home to me, and is just a better man and friend.  This is all because I pay attention to his mood bar in the morning. Life really is THAT simple. It only gets complex when you add reasons to why you can’t fill his mood bar, rather than just being the best player you can be. I play the game to win.

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We need to be happy and motivated…all days in life. Beautiful words.

great analogy and insight. I thoroughly enjoyed the read!