Video: Deepthroating a dildo the length of my forearm.

Deepthroating a dildo the length of my forearm.

Years ago we decided to upload a video of me deepthroating a rather large dildo to help promote our blog and also verify I am not just talking the talk.  I learned to deepthroat exactly how (see story:  Deepthroating – My Experience) my blog describes.  And no, we aren’t selling anything.  If you have any questions they will be posted and answered here for fun.   We do all of this for fun.

Details about this deepthroating video…
…years later I cringe at how cheesy this looks!

Originally this deepthroat video had awesome background music, “Nobody” by Keith Sweat, but because we do not own the rigths to that song, automatically added advertisements.  They also would not allow our video to be played through mobile devices.  This is something we did not want, so we ended up switching the music to that elevator soundtrack, lol.  What’s next, I deepthroat a huge dildo to the sounds of a brazilian rainforest or the sounds of a calm creek running through rocks?

As far as the dildo being flaccid, you would think that would make it a bit easier to handle, but in my experience, the flaccid dildo is much harder to deal with than an erect penis.  If I push on an erect penis, whether I like it or not, it’s sliding down my throat fairly easy.  The erect penis is built to penetrate.   If I push on the flaccid dildo, it seems to want to bundle up and snag before finally going down my throat.

My advice ladies?   Be careful when you suck a 12 inch flaccid penis, lol.