Video: Venice Bloggs Deepthroating Ryan.


If you are familiar with our blog then you know we are 100% amateur and do this out of hobby.  We’ve also learned that doing this type of thing together brings us closer together as well.  No skeletons or secret desires, no hidden flirting or crushes the other doesn’t know about.  We lay everything on the table and interact in front of the other so we can both enjoy the little compliments he or I get.

On this shoot we placed a video camera in front of my face while I wore a mask.  We also had lights on over head as well as right in front of my face.  Halfway through the shoot the camera’s battery went dead!   🙁   After the camera went dead Ryan turned me over and face fucked me on camera until he came deep in my throat, unfortunately that footage was never recorded.

We did record a video last night of me deepthroating him until he came, just to make up for our lost footage.  Again, UNFORTUNATELY, I was wearing a baseball cap so each time  I deepthroat all you see is my stupid hat.  I like to hold my head down on him for minutes at a time and massage his penis with my throat movement, so all the camera shows is this dumb black hat.   GRRRR.  Like I said, we are 100% amateur.