Threesome Memoirs – Listing Ads on Dating Websites

Threesome Memoirs: Table of Contents

dating websiteThe tricky part about having a threesome is actually finding someone that’s willing to be your third partner.  In doing so, Ryan and I have talked about the many options:  asking one of my more freakier friends if she is interested in hoping into bed with us, turn into swingers and meet other couples, eventually hoping a couple or husband is nice enough to give us the pleasure of a threesome, find a gay/bisexual club and hope we get lucky, check out the local escorts for a true no strings attached experience, or find a girlfriend from dating websites and classified ads.

We chose dating websites.  For now, our goal will be to find a bisexual woman interested in dating a married woman.  There is another version of this same concept and that would be to have Ryan find a bisexual girl who was interested in dating a married man. The latter is a bit more risky because the woman is more interested in my husband rather than me.  For now, I do not think I am ready for that. At least if I am the one searching, I am looking for a same sex partner which helps us both when dealing with the jealousy.

So, I’m on the dating scene.  Photo shoot and recent photos?  Check.  Good attitude, nipple rings and pussy piercings polished?  Check.  Ready to taste my first woman and hold my man’s cock while another woman sucks on it?  Check.  My girl-on-girl flirt moves in order?  Not really check, but I mean I’ve worked on a few of my lines.  “Hey girl, those are pretty toes you have, want to eat my wet pussy?”  I know, I know, that shy approach may not work in this day and age.  I have to work with what I got, you know?

Before I work on my girl-on-girl mack game, I want to do the super easy stuff, like create my online profile and clarify to the world what I am looking for.  Boy was I wrong on that one.  Creating the perfect profile was much more complicated than I thought. You’d think adding about 10 photos, all recent, would pretty much fix the need for more photos.  Wrong.  The first message I usually get is, “Do you have more pictures?” Also, I was pretty precise about what my goals, expectations, and limitations were, but of course that doesn’t stop the random boyfriends or women e-mailing me and asking, “I know you said you do not want to be a third in another couples threesome, but if you change your mind look at these cock photos.” I understand the struggle, trust me, I do, but at least read my profile. We are all going through the same thing, but do you really think ignoring everything in my profile increases your chances of getting me as a third for your threesome?

Oh dang, I guess I will never have that threesome I’ve always wanted with Ryan.  But wait, wait, what ever happen with  that couple that didn’t really  know how to read or totally ignored my entire profile and mailed me cock pictures to tempt me with having a threesome with them?  I mean, I can trust them not to break my boundaries being that their first offer totally broke my boundaries.  Yea, you know what, forget my soulmate, I will just tell him all about it later.  He’ll love that.  If I remember right, that cock was so perfectly average that no woman could resist.  Or wait, was it that the long skinny black one that looked a little ashy near the crotch?  No, no, it was the white stubby crooked one.  Yea, that was it.   Let me find their old email and contact them right now.  It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

Listen, that isn’t going to happen ladies/gentlemen.  I’m not perfect, but this is something you shouldn’t do and I won’t do.  I will never flat out ignore a profile and tempt another person with my own agenda, just in the slight chance the other woman would cheat on her man.  No.  Respect the profiles, people!

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mind answering questions that people have for me, as long at they’re legitimate.   “What is your titty size and if your husband is going to fuck me, I need to know how big his dick is.  Thanks.”  I mean, at least they read my profile right?

As they say: Serious inquiries only.  And also, MW4W, BiF, W/E, DDF, NS, GSOH, HWP, NSA, RTS, TYVM.

Below is the profile description.  If you have any ideas or advice, please post in the comment section.   I would love to improve the ad!   Picture to provocative?  Opinions?

First off, every picture in my profile is mine and real.

A little about me?  I’m friendly and a great listener.   I’d be just as happy making a new bisexual female friend as I would finding a partner for a threesome.  I think simple flirting can be fun and sexy.  I am married, bisexual, and not looking to hook up with another woman for a lesbian relationship / experience.  To clarify, I am bisexual, not lesbian, and I’m only looking for bisexual experiences, not lesbian.  I am not comfortable meeting or hooking up without my husband, but his role can be limited so everyone is comfortable. If you prefer to just chat, e-mail, or text, you will only talk with me, the lady. Before exchanging more photos, I’d prefer to talk on the phone to make sure I know who I am texting or emailing.  After phone verification, we do not have to talk again until both parties agree.

If anyone is interested, please send a message. I am not interested in couples, men, or studs. Serious ladies only please.”

Video: My Hidden Cam Experience

First, I figured I would post this blog since I already posted it on the site that hosts the video.  I know Ryan already said his side (boooooring — lol) here, so I figured I would put my own little spin on it, especially since I was the mastermind behind it all.

Anyway, after endless requests from different people  asking us to post a longer video, I decided not to wait for my husband’s “okay.” I hid my camera phone in the corner of the room without Ryan knowing so I could record us fucking. A few problems I encountered was I knew he wouldn’t leave all the lights on while we fucked. We prefer a dimly lit room. Although when I called Ryan into the room I had all the lights on, he saw my outfit and knew I wanted to fuck him. He immediately turned off the overhead light, which left on only the corner lamp. If I would have turned the light back on, no way he wouldn’t have known something else fishy (no vagina jokes please) was going on. If people are unhappy about that, I am sorry. It’s either a dimly lit room or no video at all, because he just wasn’t interested in recording us fuck like we were porn stars or something.

Another issue I had was him throwing my panties in the direction of the camera. I tried to hang on to my panties and lay them off to the side, but you can hear him in the video demand them. After he threw them in the direction of the camera I thought to myself, “Oh dang, what if they covered the camera completely or knocked it over.” I know that sounds dumb, but I didn’t want to mess this up. I knew afterwards I would tell him I recorded us so I wanted it to be something he liked. If it was bad, who knows if I would have ever tried it again.

Also, at the end of the video when he is fucking me in my ass, he puts a pillow over my head to shut me up. Whether the readers/viewers believe this or not, usually when we anal fuck I am very loud, which Ryan loves, but he also loves to know he can throw a pillow over my head or push my face against the sheets and make me bite down and muffle my screams. Well, with the pillow over my dang head, how will the microphone pick up what I am saying? Although it turned out okay, because thankfully our mic is amazing (records in auto mode, which supposedly picks up low and loud sounds equally), almost the entire time he was fucking my ass I had a pillow over my head completely.  If you listen, you can hear him in the video talking about how he is holding the pillow over my head.

Finally, my original idea was to totally fuck his brains out. I wanted to hop on top of him and ride him, make him my little bitch, and force him to call me the best bitch ever.  Haha. Unfortunately when we started fucking, he took over. Not only did he take over, he fucked my brains outs (face), then rolled me over and fucked my ass out. As much as I wanted to be in charge, I would never shut down my man and his manly instincts when his body and brain needs to be in control. When I felt him take over, I decided to be an obedient girl and let him handle his pussy (in this case, my face and ass) however he saw fit.

I think that is it. I was glad to see the sound came out so good, especially for a hidden cam. If you watch this video after reading this post, make sure you listen along.

A few other quick notes.  All the editing and blurring is done post edit to hide faces.  Since he had no idea it was being recorded, he moves his body out of position or face onto the camera more than I expected.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Video: Her Hidden Camera Attempt

Venice originally had an idea of using a hidden cam and recording us having sex.  She later told me that she wanted to be in control and fuck the shit out of me.  Unfortunately for her, I didn’t know her plan.   I am posting the video myself to make sure everyone knows that Venice and I do things like this, but we both fully agree and understand that the other is just trying to spice things up.   For instance, Venice has said to me that if she is ever passes out from being a little too tipsy,  she wants me to fuck her hard.  Yes, she WANTS me to fuck her hard while she is unconscious so she feels it the next day.  She loves the idea of me using her and we have no prude reservations about it being “wrong.”  We trust each other.  Which is why for me, this video was a cute attempt at her being sneaky, nothing more.  However, it didn’t work out like she planned.

I didn’t know I was on camera so if you see it get blurry or the scenes change, just remember that is all in post editing.  Venice let me watch the video the same night she recorded.  In post editing we made sure to try our best to keep the footage as real as possible without showing too much face.   If it zooms, its post edit zooming.  If it’s dark, sorry, I  turned off the light when I walked in, because there was still a lamp in the room.  She was dressed in lingerie so I kind of suspected I was going to fuck, but not on camera.  I don’t fuck with all the lights on!  I had no idea she was recording.  I also hit the camera when I threw her panties.  I had no idea.  If you are into real sex or just hidden camera footage, enjoy the show.  The video starts out kind of slow so turn the volume up if you are into dirty talk or move to around to the 7 minute mark if you are only looking for action.

As for future requests, Venice and I are not porn stars.   We blog and do this for fun, so this is about as porn as we will ever get.

Video: Venice Bloggs Deepthroating Ryan.


If you are familiar with our blog then you know we are 100% amateur and do this out of hobby.  We’ve also learned that doing this type of thing together brings us closer together as well.  No skeletons or secret desires, no hidden flirting or crushes the other doesn’t know about.  We lay everything on the table and interact in front of the other so we can both enjoy the little compliments he or I get.

On this shoot we placed a video camera in front of my face while I wore a mask.  We also had lights on over head as well as right in front of my face.  Halfway through the shoot the camera’s battery went dead!   🙁   After the camera went dead Ryan turned me over and face fucked me on camera until he came deep in my throat, unfortunately that footage was never recorded.

We did record a video last night of me deepthroating him until he came, just to make up for our lost footage.  Again, UNFORTUNATELY, I was wearing a baseball cap so each time  I deepthroat all you see is my stupid hat.  I like to hold my head down on him for minutes at a time and massage his penis with my throat movement, so all the camera shows is this dumb black hat.   GRRRR.  Like I said, we are 100% amateur.