Office Sex

office_sexLast night I told Ryan that I left some important paper work I wanted to bring home from my office.  It was late in the evening so I told him I was scared and asked him to come with me to the office.  There is 24-hour surveillance and building security but that didn’t put my mind at ease. The entire building was pitch black.  I’m never the first one in or the last to leave so I had to use my phone light to find the light switches.  I asked Ryan to check the back hallway and conference room area because I heard the floorboards creaking.  He walked down the hall and I followed him as he turned the corner.

“No one’s here,” he said.  I took hold of his hand like I was scared to be there alone.  “Did you get the work you needed?”  I nodded and pulled him into the conference room.  I kept the lights off except for the main one in the lobby.  The conference room had two huge wiindows which showed a lamp  outside cast a dull, yellow glow which highlighted the 15-foot oval table.  Without saying a word, I slid my hands beneath his t-shirt and up toward his back.  I pulled him close to me and began kissing his neck.  I grabbed his ass cheeks outside his pants and moved my hands to the front.  I unbuckled his belt, jeans, and zipper and worked my way into his boxer briefs.  I felt his body relax, enjoying my wandering hands and lips on his skin.  I began to wiggle them off of his hips.  They dropped to the floor and I immediately got down on my knees. I slurped his soft cock and made swallowing motions. He groaned under his breath. His dick was smooth and warm in my mouth and started to get plump. His hips moved slowly and rhythmically with my movements.  I put his whole dick in my mouth and kept it there, using the stillness and the silence to listen for security guards entering the building.  There was nothing.  I reached under and swiped my fingers between his ass cheeks and fondled his balls.  He moaned loud and almost instantly a wave of blood rushed to his dick, nearly doubling his size and hardness.  Within seconds, I knew he was ready

As I stood up, I pulled my shorts down and bent over the conference table.  He bent down and licked my lips, pussy, and ass before sliding his cock in me.  He inched his way in slowly and deliberately at first, but as soon as his dick was in me all the way, he moved fast.  We knew we had to act quick.  My breaths and screams were muffled as I put my mouth over my sweatshirt sleeve.  My body jarred as I tried to keep myself still.  My pussy began aching as I thought about being fucked on the table my boss and co-workers will be sitting at in a few hours during our morning staff meeting.  My arms stretched out across the table, almost hitting the volume button on the conference phone.  I watched the lamp post outside the window look as if it was swaying as Ryan jerked my body back and forth with his powerful thrusts.  He was pounding his hips into me hard forcing my upper thighs to press against the glass tabletop.  “Fuck!” I whispered.  He ignored my talk and slapped my ass with both hands, clawing into each cheek after he smacked them.  “Hold on!”  I said.  He stopped moving.  We listened for footsteps, doors opening, thumping – anything to indicate we weren’t alone.  But there was nothing.  He gathered my hair and pulled my head back as hard as he could.  The back of my head was touching my back as he kept ramming his manhood in me.  I couldn’t move forward or back.  I was frozen in place as he worked his cock.

Then he stopped.  I thought he heard a noise. I was ready to pounce up and get my shorts back on.  But I didn’t hear anything.  As I tried to lift my head he immediately grabbed the back of my neck and shoved my face hard against the table.  He spit into his other hand and roughly rubbed my ass hole letting a few fingers slip inside my butt.  Just then I felt a wet thick warm pressure on my anus.  His cock was dripping from my pussy and I felt the moist tip of his  head on my rim. I relaxed my muscles and let him dig into my tight hole.  It was well-lubricated with his spit and my juices so he was able to go in with minimal effort.  The tightness, the sensation, the pressure – he pushed in as deep as he could and pulled out as far as he could, repeating over and over.  “Go deeper,” I told him. I felt him dig deeper, circling his hips like a letter U, using his dick like like he was scooping out ice cream. When he can’t go in any further, my body is paralyzed; it’s a sustained, plateaued pain that’s also exhilarating.  And it seemed the harder he pressed, the more my G-spot tingled, like mini-orgasms coming from my ass. I loved every second of it.  I felt my ass hole getting tighter, but it was his dick growing harder; he was about to cum.  The tightening of my hole against the thickness of his cock was overwhelming.  I wanted to scream for him to stop because the hardness of his pre-orgasmic cock is getting almost unbearable. I knew he was close to cumming so I bit my lip to ignore the pain and closed my eyes excited to feel his explosion.  I felt his body drop and his balls press hard against my ass cheeks.  His final thrust goes so deep inside my body my G spot and muscles inside my pussy spasm uncontrollably.  With his dick  lodged deep inside me I felt his nuts pushing out cum into my body.  With each pump, my sensitive anus could feel his sperm travel through his shaft and release inside me.

He pulled out carefully but his cum still poured out all over the table.  I pulled my shorts up as he got dressed.  I put my hair back in place and straightened out my sweatshirt. I grabbed some tissue and scooped up most of the cum that dripped from my ass.  I then took my sleeve and made a swiping, circular movement on the table hoping to clear off any smudge marks from my face and breasts on the glass.  I couldn’t really see, but hoped I got it all.  We walked out of the conference room.

“Where is the paper work you needed?”

“Oh, yes, I have them.  It’s at home,” I told him.  I grinned devilishly.

Freaky Friday Search Terms – she makes me wear butt plugs


Each week we will post our most outrageous search terms that people used to find our website that week.  Ryan and I will then share our own thoughts and hopefully entertain you guys or at least make the search term make a little less sense.

Each search term was gathered by wordpress and/or google statistics and they are all very real search terms.   Each search term was used by some person in the world that ended up on our page.

10. swallow the juice of life semen
Ryan:  The juice of life huh?  Sounds like something you’d say.
Venice: I’ll admit, in the heat of the moment, I definitely see myself saying something crazy like “Let me swallow your juice of life.”
Ryan: Way worse, but yea.

9. who likes to gag on deepthroat, forums
Venice: Maybe they meant deepthroat forearms?
Ryan: I think it’s interesting people are searching for forums specifically to find others to socialize with that like to gag on deepthroat.
Venice: Sub -Forum:  Vomit or Swallow
Ryan: Sub-Forum: Tonsil Problems
Venice: Sub-Forum: Sword Tricks
Ryan:  Sub-Forum: Bulimia
Venice: Forum Topic: Deepthroating has helped smash my tonsil stones.
Ryan: Forum Topic: Can you deepthroat with strep throat?
Venice: Forum Topic:  Stomach acids have melted my husband’s penis head.
Ryan:  Real nice Venice.
Venice: Strep throat?
Ryan:  Tonsil stones?
Venice: Let’s move on before this gets ugly.
Ryan:  Your momma.

8. watching bf’s penis shrink after he cums
Venice:  That usually happens when I wash cotton shirts in warm water.
Ryan:  Learn how to wash your cocks ladies.  We do not like shrinking.
Venice: Ladies, think, clothes pins and hang dry.
Ryan: Ladies, think, that isn’t funny and a very nasty break up.

7. fellatio puking
Venice:  Personally, I like seeing fellatio puking
Ryan:  I’ve seen it a few times.
Venice: You’ll see it a few more.
Ryan: Deal.

6. huge clit home
Venice:  I think this search term came up after we posted the guy who won the smallest penis contest
Ryan: Ha!  Possibly.

5. could female porn actresses have orgasms during film sessions?
Venice:  I am under the impression everything in porn is real.
Ryan: For sure.  All female porn stars have 10 orgasms in 5 minutes.
Venice: “Oh Daddy, you’re the best.”
Ryan: I believe her.

4. adults fucking for real sex drive photos
Ryan:  I don’t think you can capture someone’s sex drive with photos.
Venice: Well, you know how when you’re driving and you run a red light they will have hidden cameras that take your picture?   Maybe they could do that with our genitals?
Ryan:  Are you being serious right now?
Venice:  Oh my god, your face would be so funny looking if a camera inside my vagina took a picture while you ate me out.
Ryan:  Uh huh.
Venice: Eyes all closed, making lovey faces all proud you are tasting my pussy.
Ryan:  Whatever.

3. She makes me wear butt plugs
Ryan: Not my type of woman.
Venice: Oh Ryan, don’t worry sweetie, I promise it won’t hurt a bit.
Ryan: Real cute V.

2. I made my husband swallow his own cum
Ryan: Sounds familiar.
Venice: I can see her now… keeping his mouth open with a speculum and using a funnel
Ryan: That doesn’t sound familiar at all, what the fuck?  Why are you looking at me and smiling?
Venice:  Oh nothing.
Ryan: I don’t think so V.  No pictures, no blogging about it, no funnels or speculums, not happening, no way.
Venice: Whatever you say Ryan.
Ryan: I’m serious, quit smiling.

1. what is the effect of swallowing sperm on the hips of women?
Ryan:  I think it keeps your hips in great shape.  In fact, I’ve heard that swallowing cum actually burns fat.  It takes more energy to digest semen, meaning semen has negative calories.  If you were to eat semen all day you would absolutely lose weight.  You could probably just give up exercise all together and just swallow cum all day and let your digestive system work your fat away.  You’re welcome fellas.
Venice: Are you done?
Ryan:  Maybe, why?
Venice:  First, false.  That’s celery.   Second, you could sleep and burn more fat than eating celery all day. Third, in a way you are right, because the alternative to swallowing may end up giving you “child bearing hips.”
Ryan: So either way, you’re saying,  swallowing is good right?
Venice: Quit smiling.