Sex Toy Review: Animal Tail Butt Plug

Sex Toy Review: Animal Tail Butt Plug

Hey guys!  Today we are putting the foxy into foxy lady…literally, with the Fox Tail Butt Plug.  What better way to make sex more animalistic by adding an animal tail into the mix!

As some of our readers know, we have a long history with dealing with butt plugs. 

His perspective on Anal Butt Plugs.

Her perspective on Anal Butt Plugs.

We have always been a strong advocate of butt plugs, done various photo shoots with both of us wearing them, and was one of the first sex blogs online to really embrace and be so open about our “hidden treasures.”  

With that said, this animal tail butt plug is a great item that can be fun to wear for photo shoots, role play, or just feeling sexy.  Obviously I will not be walking around the office with a fox tail shoved up my booty, but nonetheless, I really enjoy this thing.  A big thank you to for always having great service.   As always, just a reminder that we are not sponsored or affiliated with any sellers, nor do we sell any products online.   

animal tail butt plugThe insert itself is small with a soft black coating so it fits comfortably inside your anus.  For me, the size is perfect.  Another plus is that you can wear this butt plug while having sex.  Butt plugs do make the vagina tighter, because the plug takes up “body” space.  Regardless if the plug is in your anus, all butt plugs make the space of the vagina much tighter.  If ya don’t know… now you know. 

Drop some Big Poppa on ’em.

Look at me turning my sex toy review into a rock concert!  

The Big Bonus

animal tail butt plugsWith the tail attached, the animal tail butt plug can also be a ball, ass, and taint tickler while you ride him.  Personally, I have never heard of this benefit, but it’s real.  The tail actually can be shaped (it has a rod that bends inside so you can shape it for photo shoots or sexual positions) so as you ride him you can curve it so it rubs against his taint and ass while you are on top of him.  That, along with less space in your vagina, makes for a happy husband.

You’re welcome fellas!

Fluffy Fox Tail Butt Plug – $20.79

We are not affiliated with and get no revenue / commission from this review.  We are just sharing our experiences with our readers.  This item was sent to us as a promotional product, with a disclaimer from us, that if we did not like the product, we will not review it.



Q&A: Fifty Shades of Grey and A Butt Plug Question

fifty-shades-of-grey-bookMy wife is a very strong “type A” personality and I am sure in large part this is due to her career where she is an executive only two steps below the CEO. She is a woman in an industry that is 95% plus male and has to be even tougher and type A due to her gender.

At any rate we have been married 15 years and have 2 kids. We are both in our early 40s and have a pretty good marriage with what most would consider a good sex life. Nothing crazy but good and mostly satisfying for both of us.

As with most marriages I would imagine our sex life “evolves” somewhat from time to time (again nothing crazy). I recently have discovered that she likes to be dominated. She loved being “manhandled” and kind of forced into doing things. I surmise that this is due to some sort of psychological thing that allows her to deviate from her normal type A personality. Instead of being in charge and calling the shots….someone else is (me!). She LOVED the Fifty Shades of Grey books which again are a deviation (from the womans point of view) from her normal personality. I have kind of known this for years but like I said we never “evolved” into domineering situations before now. So now I am really taking the lead (when the time is appropriate) and kind of dominating her.

We are both looking forward to the Fifty Shades movie and I will now be reading the book. In the meantime we were talking the other night about purchasing some Fifty Shades novelty type items for us to try out. This would definitely be an evolution in our sex life as we will likely be getting arm and leg restraints, a paddle, a blindfold. I might get some nipple clamps as well (something we have never done..but she loves nipple stimulation). Then she said “I don’t want the butt plug though”.

Having not read the books I didn’t know about the inclusion of a butt plug in the story. Now..She up until this point in our relationship has maintained that she has no interest in anything anal related. A few years ago I manually rubbed her anus during sex when she was on top and she absolutely got off on it (she orgasmed within seconds of my doing it) but that notwithstanding she denied that she liked it. And denied interest. So I really haven’t tried anything anal related since. But after she mentioned the “no butt plug” thing I asked her about it. When I mentioned that many women really enjoy them for some reason…they must have some sexual value. She agreed with that point and we both admitted that we really didn’t know what they did to enhance sex. So I did some reading today and discovered that the purpose behind butt plugs (for women) is after insertion (slowly) is to kind of just fill a woman up. Due to the butt plug being inserted the vagina is made tighter which of course increases everyones pleasure during sex. Supposedly the womans contractions and spasms leading up to and during orgasm activate nerve endings in the anus/rectum and seriously enhance pleasure.

Is it a worthwhile and pleasurable item to add to our lovemaking?

My wife seemed to open up to the idea a little bit after I told her what I read but I think a maybe a testimonials from a real women might help her in her butt plug usage decision process. I would LOVE to try this as I am more adventurous sexually but of course if she isn’t going to enjoy it there is no point. The idea of her tied up, blindfolded, nipple clamps on, and a butt plug inserted sounds like it would be tremendous fun. 

Do you or your readers have any feedback about your experiences that may help?  Thanks.   

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Freaky Friday Search Terms – tiny penis & wet cunt blog

freakyfridayOn various Fridays we will post our most outrageous search terms that people used to find our website.  Ryan and I will then share our own thoughts and hopefully entertain you guys or at least make the search term make a little less sense.

Each search term was gathered by wordpress and/or google statistics and they are all very real search terms.   Each search term was used by some person in the world that ended up on our page.

10. old man and young girl
Venice: That’s totally us, you know, since you’re older than me
Ryan: Um, yea, by a few weeks..!
Venice: That’s irrelevant. I like older men. You know this.
Ryan: We graduated high school together.
Venice: Shut up, old man.
Ryan: What?? I can’t hear you..

9. real sex old couples
Venice: What a coincidence. They searched for “real sex old couples” and they found us.
Ryan: What is that supposed to even mean?
Venice: Poor baby.  Easily confused.  Alzheimers.   Who knows what else.
Ryan: What does any of that have to do with this being a coincidence?
Venice: Ryan, don’t think so hard, I’m worried you may have a stroke or something.  Would you like me to make you a hot cup of Ensure?
Ryan: Stop already.  The random keywords people search for leading to our blog doesn’t  mean I am old. It’s just  stupid keywords that has nothing to do  with us.
Venice: It’s okay, I understand it’s hard to accept Ryan.  I trust Google over you.  That’s all I am saying.   And the fact I like older men, further proves them right.
Ryan: Google can suck my penis and floss with my grey pubic hairs for all I care.
Venice: Dementia is setting in.

8. underage sex
So yea, what was you saying again?
 Fuck Google.  They can suck my pre-puberty titties for all I care.

7. old vagina
Venice: Yea, so these keywords are really stupid this week.
Ryan: What’s wrong Venice?  Old lady pampers in a bunch?
Venice: Don’t fuck around with a girl and her age or weight.  I will bite your fucking face off Ryan.
Ryan: Well, someone has sand in her vagina…old…the vagina is old that has sand in it but not you.  I am talking about another person’s old vagina that also is angry about Freaky Friday keywords and threatening to literally eat off their best friend’s face.
<Venice throws her sandal at Ryan>

6. tiny penis & wet cunt blog
Can I have my sandal back please?
Ryan: Nope.  Welcome to shoeless world.
Venice: Ryan, you know my feet are old and brittle, I don’t want to step on glass on accident.

We are in the bedroom, your feet are fine.
Ryan: Adding more letters to your please does not change my mind.
Venice: I’ll suck yo dick…
No more ammo for you, this war may not be over yet.  I may not be a smart man, but I’ve learned what the sandals are capable of.
Pretttty please?  If you give it back I will totally ignore this next keyword, which I believe has the term tiny penis in it.
Ryan: So yea, I definitely think we should make sure your feet stay warm.  I don’t want you to step on any sharp objects like glass or something.  Good point Venice.
Venice: Ahh, that’s so sweet.  See how just a tiny little bit of kindness goes a loooongggg…
Ryan: …awwww you said you wouldn’t do that!
Venice: Okay okay, do you love me though?
Ryan: Yes, you know I do. Let’s just bury the hatchet and move to the next keywords, okay?
Venice: Deal.

5. what are the statistics that mature women walk around in public with butt plugs
Ryan: I love scientific perverts.  Not just Googling for smut, but instead wanting to know the statistics of old ladies that like to walk around all day with big ass butt plugs in their granny panties.
Venice: Tiny penis and wet cunts…
Venice:  I had to pee this morning so I went into the bathroom.  I bent down and heard this loud clink sound.  I looked into the toilet and my butt plug fell into the water!
Ryan: Hahahaha.  Random.
Venice: Seriously.  I then had to make a decision.
Ryan: What? Not to wear your butt plug after you analed the night before because your ass is so loose it can whistle when you walk?
Venice: Even though that comment was pretty douchey, no.  I had to make a real decision.
Ryan: What?  I like hearing the Andy Griffith theme song when you walk by.
Venice: Anyway, I had to decide if I was going to try to flush the butt plug, take it out of the water and throw it away, or clean it off and take it home.
Ryan: Yea, that’s a tough decision.  So?
Venice: Flushed.
Ryan: Whaaaaaat!?  Bullshit.
Venice: I wasn’t going to dig it out.
Ryan: No way that thing flushed.
Venice: Big 300 pound men can drop a log and it flushes with no problems.  Trust me, that anal plug is headed to the big ocean in the sky.
Ryan: That would be funny if the next Nemo movie your butt plug is in the background.
Venice: Hah!  Also, tiny penises…

4. girl gets fast cum in ass
Venice: That doesn’t surprise me that they ended up here.
Ryan:  Uh…huh?   Are you saying that I cum fast when I fuck your ass?
Venice: I’m just saying that you’ve always said anal was an intense feeling.
Ryan: No, that wasn’t just what you were saying.
Venice: What was I just saying?
Ryan: You were suggesting that you weren’t surprised those search terms led to our blog.
Venice: Yea, because I cum super duper  fast when you’re in my ass.
<Venice looks away and scratches her neck.>
Ryan: Yea uh huh.  Maybe I’m just super duper excited to finish fast so I can hear the Andy Griffith theme song.
<Ryan rubs his forehead with his middle finger.>
Maybe it’s whistling because it’s extremely bored.
<Venice rubs her nose while making an L with her hand.>
Wow, really?
Venice: I love you.
Ryan:  Your love  isn’t a band-aid and I’ve been seriously wounded.
<Venice reaches up with her fingers to close Ryan’s eyes>
Venice: Just close your eyes Ryan, go to the light.  Let it go.  Just let it go Ryan…

3. beautiful penis
Venice: Before you start, yes, Ryan, your penis is beautiful.
Ryan: Do you mean beautiful in a “Brazilian supermodel” way or a “baby penis with angels smiling innocently in a Renaissance painting” way?
Venice: I mean I like how your veins envelope your penis.  I like the color and how the head is proportional and pretty. I like how it makes my cervix pop in a painful/pleasant way and makes me walk funny or  bleed all over the sheets the next day kind of way.
Ryan: Yea, those are all good answers, too.  But Brazilian supermodel beautiful or baby penis of love artistic beautiful?
Venice: You mean like a tiny penis?
Ryan: Come on.
Venice: What?
Venice: Okay, a Brazilian supermodel way.  <sighs>
Ryan: Yes!

2. الفيديو الجنسي في آسيا 
Venice: الفيديو الجنسي في آسيا؟
Ryan: أعتقد أنها ينبغي أن تكون أكثر تحديدا
Venice: بالضبط. لأن هناك العديد من البلدان الآسيوية
Ryan: أوه لا … هنا نذهب مرة أخرى
Venice: ماذا؟ هناك!

1. is it true that when a mans sperm is poured into a womans ass the ass will become bigger
Venice: This has an urban legend undertone to it.
Ryan: Yea, this is not the first time I’ve seen this searched.
Venice: This week alone I saw “womans ass bigger with semen,” “does a woman’s anus grow because of semen,” and “I came in my wife’s ass will it get larger”
Ryan: Who the hell wants to know this? I mean, semen has great properties, but to make a body part BIGGER? If that were the case I’d be rubbing my semen all over my cock every day as much as humanly possible.
Venice: Tiny penises all over the world would rejoice…
Ryan: …we had a fucking deal!?
Venice: Okay, give me a retry!
Ryan: The topic was about sperm having the ability to make things larger.
Venice: In that case my pussy would be as large as the planet Jupiter from all your cum that has been inside me.
Ryan: Wow, that was kind of hot.
Venice: Yea it was…


Freaky Friday Search Terms – she makes me wear butt plugs


Each week we will post our most outrageous search terms that people used to find our website that week.  Ryan and I will then share our own thoughts and hopefully entertain you guys or at least make the search term make a little less sense.

Each search term was gathered by wordpress and/or google statistics and they are all very real search terms.   Each search term was used by some person in the world that ended up on our page.

10. swallow the juice of life semen
Ryan:  The juice of life huh?  Sounds like something you’d say.
Venice: I’ll admit, in the heat of the moment, I definitely see myself saying something crazy like “Let me swallow your juice of life.”
Ryan: Way worse, but yea.

9. who likes to gag on deepthroat, forums
Venice: Maybe they meant deepthroat forearms?
Ryan: I think it’s interesting people are searching for forums specifically to find others to socialize with that like to gag on deepthroat.
Venice: Sub -Forum:  Vomit or Swallow
Ryan: Sub-Forum: Tonsil Problems
Venice: Sub-Forum: Sword Tricks
Ryan:  Sub-Forum: Bulimia
Venice: Forum Topic: Deepthroating has helped smash my tonsil stones.
Ryan: Forum Topic: Can you deepthroat with strep throat?
Venice: Forum Topic:  Stomach acids have melted my husband’s penis head.
Ryan:  Real nice Venice.
Venice: Strep throat?
Ryan:  Tonsil stones?
Venice: Let’s move on before this gets ugly.
Ryan:  Your momma.

8. watching bf’s penis shrink after he cums
Venice:  That usually happens when I wash cotton shirts in warm water.
Ryan:  Learn how to wash your cocks ladies.  We do not like shrinking.
Venice: Ladies, think, clothes pins and hang dry.
Ryan: Ladies, think, that isn’t funny and a very nasty break up.

7. fellatio puking
Venice:  Personally, I like seeing fellatio puking
Ryan:  I’ve seen it a few times.
Venice: You’ll see it a few more.
Ryan: Deal.

6. huge clit home
Venice:  I think this search term came up after we posted the guy who won the smallest penis contest
Ryan: Ha!  Possibly.

5. could female porn actresses have orgasms during film sessions?
Venice:  I am under the impression everything in porn is real.
Ryan: For sure.  All female porn stars have 10 orgasms in 5 minutes.
Venice: “Oh Daddy, you’re the best.”
Ryan: I believe her.

4. adults fucking for real sex drive photos
Ryan:  I don’t think you can capture someone’s sex drive with photos.
Venice: Well, you know how when you’re driving and you run a red light they will have hidden cameras that take your picture?   Maybe they could do that with our genitals?
Ryan:  Are you being serious right now?
Venice:  Oh my god, your face would be so funny looking if a camera inside my vagina took a picture while you ate me out.
Ryan:  Uh huh.
Venice: Eyes all closed, making lovey faces all proud you are tasting my pussy.
Ryan:  Whatever.

3. She makes me wear butt plugs
Ryan: Not my type of woman.
Venice: Oh Ryan, don’t worry sweetie, I promise it won’t hurt a bit.
Ryan: Real cute V.

2. I made my husband swallow his own cum
Ryan: Sounds familiar.
Venice: I can see her now… keeping his mouth open with a speculum and using a funnel
Ryan: That doesn’t sound familiar at all, what the fuck?  Why are you looking at me and smiling?
Venice:  Oh nothing.
Ryan: I don’t think so V.  No pictures, no blogging about it, no funnels or speculums, not happening, no way.
Venice: Whatever you say Ryan.
Ryan: I’m serious, quit smiling.

1. what is the effect of swallowing sperm on the hips of women?
Ryan:  I think it keeps your hips in great shape.  In fact, I’ve heard that swallowing cum actually burns fat.  It takes more energy to digest semen, meaning semen has negative calories.  If you were to eat semen all day you would absolutely lose weight.  You could probably just give up exercise all together and just swallow cum all day and let your digestive system work your fat away.  You’re welcome fellas.
Venice: Are you done?
Ryan:  Maybe, why?
Venice:  First, false.  That’s celery.   Second, you could sleep and burn more fat than eating celery all day. Third, in a way you are right, because the alternative to swallowing may end up giving you “child bearing hips.”
Ryan: So either way, you’re saying,  swallowing is good right?
Venice: Quit smiling.