Threesome Memoirs – The Naughty Lunch Break

For months now, I’ve been practicing my girl-on-girl game.  I was confident in the way I could look at a woman’s body and tell her that she looked gorgeous; that was my first step – a pivotal one – in accepting my bicuriosity.  Although I knew this bicuriosity was building in me, it wasn’t until my first female kiss (and eventually sharing my first female lover with Ryan) that I knew it wasn’t just curiousity, but I was truly bisexual in every way.

Recently I was at Victoria’s Secret because of a panty sale.  I’m lucky to have a VS close by and Ryan loves to know I am always sexy underneath my professional work attire.  So if there’s a good sale, I’m there.  The front display was surrounded by other eager ladies in a polite game of musical panties.  My eyes glanced across each cubby, assessing the exact styles and colors in my size.  I tried to work fast; it was cutthroat.  There was a woman with long, red hair to my right and another woman between us.  I made eye contact with them both and smiled.  As I was looking at a multicolored lace pair, the woman between us held up a pair that was in her hands.  Ooh, super cute, I thought to myself.  Put that down, that doesn’t fit you. I grinned.  On one of the ass cheeks was some flirtatious words that obviously did not appeal to her.

“Oh my,” she said as she looked at me.  “I don’t think I want to wear something like this,” she said with a look that could have set women’s suffrage back 100 years.  Me?  I believe in the 19th amendment and the right to vote.

She walked away from us and the woman with the red hair rolled her eyes.  I tried to contain my laughter as I said, “She needs to do her lingerie shopping in the men’s pajama pants section and stay out of this store.”

“You got that right.  I’d buy one of everything here.”  She was a petite little thing and one of the first thoughts I had was: I wonder what her ass looks like in thongs?

“Girl, you’re reading my mind,” I exclaimed as I moved closer to her so that our arms touched.  “Let me see what you got.”  She had a few boy shorts, some hip huggers, and a laced thong.  I held up the pairs I had in my hands and the rest is, as they say, history.

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