Learning to Make Him Cum Quicker From Oral Sex

When I first met Venice we were both pretty inexperienced sexually, but still eager to try everything we had ever seen or thought about.  I remember being embarrassed to ask her if she would ever lick someone’s ass.  Of course she gave me the craziest look I had ever seen and said she’d never do that.  Moment later I hinted that I understood how a woman wouldn’t lick a guys ass unless she was really into him anyway.  She immediately switched from “reality” to “woman mode” and asked, “Do you want me to lick yours?”

When I say “woman mode,” I mean, women survived when it was “survival of the fittest”  by using their “fit” minds.  They know how to adapt.  They know how to please. They know how to manipulate men to make sure they have protection without the muscle.   They know how to figure out what the guy they are courting wants and immediately shut off anything they previously thought and open their mind to his ideas.

I remember Venice bending me over the bed and spreading my cheeks.  She looked at my ass hole and immediately commented, “It looks like a balloon.”  I have no idea why, but we both laughed.  Young and in love, the girl I never thought I could get to like me, way out of my league, had me bent over in front of her as she studied my ass hole.  She stuck her tongue down in my crack and circled her tongue around the rim of my anus.  I remember feeling almost like a newborn baby cub being totally taken care of by it’s mother.  I know it sounds silly, but this safe feeling turned me on more than anything I had ever felt.  The concept isn’t foreign, as I had read that men love sucking on women’s breasts because it makes us feel safe and secure, like a newborn baby breastfeeding from it’s mother.  It brings us back to a time when all we had to do was be held close and everything was going to be alright.

Anyway, from the beginning Venice prided herself in doing everything I had ever wanted, and of course, I wanted oral sex.  The problem?   No-one had ever made me orgasm from oral sex.  My only experience prior to her, was a few oral sex situations.

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