Threesome Memoirs: Busted (Hidden Camera)

1381743995a03-sextingWhat’s crazy about this story is the entire threesome is on video…with permission of course. hidden camera

So the night starts for us with alcohol.

Okay, wait…

I think we’ve done all this before way too many times. I think you’ve read this from us too many times. In fact, instead of glorifying our threesome in erotica format, I will write a quick summary of all the action and slow down when I get to the nitty gritty.

We drank. They kissed. Venice ate out the other girl while the other girl sucked my dick. However, this girl would only suck dick for maybe 30 second intervals, before she would relax with her head between my legs and eat my ass hole out for minutes at a time. Every now and then Venice would come up and they would suck my dick together, or the other girl would be licking my ass hole and stroking my dick while Venice sucked the upper free portion of my cock. After a few minutes Venice would go back down to get her fix of pussy. On camera, Venice was visually leaking a lot of clear froth from her vagina, enough so that her entire inner thighs were wet. Condom on. Venice got up and sat on the other girls face while I fucked the other girl. Venice held my ass and controlled my movements and how deep I went inside the other girl.  Eventually we had the other girl balled up as Venice held her legs up to her own hips and asked me to pound her pussy as hard as I could.  I did. After a few minutes, we stopped. Condom off. Once I take the condom off I do not plan to fuck the other girl again, just Venice. The girls moved to 69 position while I was away washing off the condom smell off my dick. After I came back I got behind Venice and fucked her, while the other girl on bottom licked Venice clit, the pussy juices off my dick, and sucked on my balls. We then all laid on the bed as both girls shared sucking my dick until I came. They played with my cum together while I watched, kissing each other and passing my dick back and forth until their faces and my dick was clean……..

And then I went to take a shower.

As I walk out of the bathroom nude, still drying off, I notice the other girl is holding her phone and casually aiming it “kinda” at the bed Venice is laying nude on. Venice, a bit tipsy, is laying down with her head to the side, playing with her vagina. I glance at the other girl’s screen and see an image, but was not really sure what it is. The girl clumsily puts the phone down on the couch across from the bed and says, “Oh, I was trying to fix this stupid contacts screen.”

Venice, still horny, announces to both of us that she isn’t done with the other girl yet and motions for her to put her face back down between her legs.  The other girl obliges, and crawls back to the foot of the bed and starts eating out Venice again. I hit record on the camera again and sit down on the couch to watch them.

Knowing the other girls face is buried between Venice’s thighs, I pick up her phone. Unsure if I beat the timer that locks the phone permanently, or she just didn’t have a lock on it. Either way, I jumped to her “gallery” and saw all her photos. Some nudes of herself, photos of other in various naughty poses, family photos, photos of her possible husband/boyfriend, and of course, pictures she had just taken of Venice without either of our consent. My mind went blank and all I saw was red. I was angry at Venice for being so trustworthy and not paying attention, mad at the other girl for taking the photos without our consent, and mad at myself for not just standing up on the spot, grabbing the girl by her little ass titties, and kicking her to the curb immediately. Instead, I quickly navigated to her “My Files” application and clicked on the entire “Camera” folder. One of a kind family photos, dead grandmothers last picture, whatever. All I knew was, I saw about 3 of 4 photos of Venice laying on the bed and clicked on that folder and deleted everything. Gone.  And for good measure, I clicked the “Download” folder and deleted everything in there too. If she didn’t have a backups, they were gone. No fucks given.

As I sat there, with my own camera recording this girl eat Venice out, I patiently waited for Venice to finish…

30 minutes later, Venice cums on the girls face and pushes her head back as she squeezes her legs. I get up, without showing to much emotion, and ask Venice if she is going to wash off. She was still a bit buzzed, so she clumsily slide off the bed and made little jokes about how good she felt. I didn’t really respond because I was irritated, and only said to her, “Go wash off please.”

As Venice disappeared into the bathroom I told the other girl to hurry up and get dressed so I could walk her out. I didn’t want to make a scene, but I knew once I got her outside of the house I was going to let her know I saw those pics and I deleted everything on her phone.  She put her clothes on, while I watched, sick to my stomach.  Usually after a threesome I will give the girl space, look away, or let them take their time, hang out, whatever. Not sure why I look away after I’ve came on these girls and fucked them, but I do. Not this time. Angrily I watched, almost as if, I wanted her to know that I was more anxious to see her put her clothes on than actually take them off.

After she got dressed, I opened the door, not letting her say goodbye to Venice, and motioned for her to hurry up. She walked in front of me and I led her to the front door.  As soon as she stepped out, I let her know that I had seen the photos of Venice on her phone.  I told her I had deleted everything and if I found out she had other shots I didn’t know about, it wasn’t going to be a nice situation at all. She immediately went from happy and smiling, to shocked and scorned. The only thing she could say was “sorry”.  She lowered her head, moving away from me, not knowing what my response was going to be. Obviously, we were virtually strangers and she had just been caught sneaking photos of my wife. If it she were a man (a problem we will never have to deal with), she would have been laid out on the spot. Luckily for her, she was caught by someone with a little bit of self control that just wanted her gone.

Not that Venice hasn’t taken nude photos with other women, but of course she did this totally posing for the camera, prepared. Not alone sprawled out on the bed, legs spread, touching herself, tipsy from alcohol. And without consent, this was a total violation.

There really isn’t much else to the story. Venice walked out into the garage while I was talking to the other girl, and couldn’t figure out while I was speaking so aggressively towards her. The other girl glanced at Venice, put her head down in shame, and said sorry and walked to her car.

When I got back in the house I told Venice what happened and she immediately said, “She will never be welcomed in my house again.”

As soon as I heard that I stopped and said, “Wait, wait…let’s not jump the gun here.”   But that was just me not wanting to give up on a duo that we’re pretty damn good as sucking dick together.  But, she was right. We haven’t spoke with her since. hidden camera

*haven’t proofread or edited.  Will be corrected later.  In a rush guys!