Dating Tips – Are you DTF? If So, Let Him Know

Dating Tips – Are you DTF?  If so, let him know.

There are times we see men and know immediately if we want to fuck them, friend them, or possibly get into a relationship with them.  For instance, we may see a handsome tanned muscular man who is much younger than us, but obviously still be attracted to him.  We already know that this relationship wouldn’t work, but he could still be fun.  With your own preferences in mind, you already know in advance a relationship probably wouldn’t work.  That doesn’t change the fact that he may still pursue you.  If he asked you on a date would you want to waste time and pretend there is a possible connection or cut to the chase and let him know what you’d like out of a date with him?   DTF (down to fuck).

Maybe you don’t have to be so brash and outright say it, but you can communicate your interests and what you want out of a date ahead of time.  Usually women are reserved and are expected to never want sex.  While on the other hand, men are down to fuck at the drop of a hat.  No secret.  No mystery.  No shame.  They are DTF and proud.  So why aren’t we?

It really is that simple.  And it’s totally up to you.   I have listed a few things you can do to ensure you have a great experience on a date when your goal is to enjoy a sexual experience and move on.

dtf1. Let him know in advance you are DTF.  

Obviously you can revoke consent at any time up to and during sex, but giving him the all-clear ahead of time is a good way to get both of your juices flowing.  What is the all-clear?   Let him know you are down to fuck (DTF).  Some of you are reading this like, “Oh my golly geez gosh, no way!”  Why the heck are you reading a sex blog then?  We like sex.  

Although this may be a bit tricky if you are going on a date with a coworker or someone you know from church, but if you are meeting someone through a hook up app, then the term DTF isn’t all that unfamiliar. 

If he knows before the game even starts that he will be holding up a trophy afterwards and yelling out, “Mom, I’m going to Disneyland,” sex will be much better.  He will also be more hands on during the date and give you an entire different type of attention.  Just because you are going on a date, doesn’t always mean you have to look for Mr. Right.  Sometimes you just want to be selfish and enjoy a good romping.  Him knowing this is what you are after will put him in a whole different mindset.  It will also show you what type of man he really is without all the smoke and mirrors.  No games, no guessing if he gets you home will he make a move, and no change of personalities as soon as the doors close.  And if he acts a bit creepy, you can always let him know, NVMINDTFAM (never mind I’m not down to fuck any more).  

I just made that one up.  

It happens.  Him removing the “perfect gentlemen filter” may give you all the signs you need to cut a date short and end the night with yourself.

2. Knowing the end game means you can prepare better and talk about the rules. 

No last second talks about condoms (or lack thereof).   Depending on what you want, you can talk about using protection, what you would like to do, and what is off limits.  Letting your date know up front your intentions takes away all the last second scrambling and possible miscommunication and mistakes out of the picture.  Although it may not be perfect, it will be much better than talking about using protection while he has already came inside you and is reaching for your cigarettes.  

3. Public Syntribation.

Since you both know the end game, and he is trying to win the Super Bowl, why not throw in a few trick plays and options into your the old playbook.  

Here is an option that can’t miss:

Syntribation [sin-tri-bey-shuh n]  Of a female, to masturbate by crossing the legs and rubbing her thighs together.  

Whether he knows or not, you can get your juices flowing throughout the entire date.  If he knows, it may drive him wild.  If he doesn’t know, it really doesn’t matter, because if you know how to syntribate properly, you are one step ahead of the curve.

4. Your vagina will be clean and ready.  

So let’s imagine an actual scenario where you do not tell him up front your intentions.  You go back to your place and you are unsure exactly what either of you want.  No planning.  No idea if how far it will go.  No comunication.  Maybe he doesn’t want to have sex.  Maybe he does.  So you feel him out and maybe kiss a bit.  He reaches down to feel up your dress and you are unsure if being wet all night has left you too sticky.  You don’t want want to ruin the moment and stop his hand, so you let his fingers slide inside your panties.  He then proceeds to slowly move his head down your chest and into your lap.  The next thing you your legs are up on his shoulders and he is face deep inside of your vagina with his nose and tongue.

Uh oh.

Did you sweat too much during the date?  I mean, you did have your thighs rubbing together all night while you helped yourself to a bit of syntribation.  But did you get too wet and leave your panties and vagina too moist?  Is he ready for that?  You know you aren’t gross, but you could have been so much more fresh if you had a chance to prepare or run to the bathroom as soon as you got home.  And the same goes for him.  What’s worse than warm chest nuts over a roasting… mouth?

When you both know you are down to fuck, you both can make sure to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and tidy up.  In fact, you both can outright take a shower together if you wanted.  

5.  Take a shower together.

Why not?  You are going to get busy soon and share all your naughty bits anyway.  If you are too nervous to shower in front of him but totally okay with him throwing your legs on your shoulders and studying your vagina while he pounds it, this may not be the blog for you.  Girl, give yourself the opportunity to study him too.  His body.  His dick.  What better way to feel him up and see his body during all states of arousal.

And the biggest advantage is, when you are both showered and clean, you will be able to totally relax and enjoy each other thoroughly.  That alone will make your date, your sex, and your aftercare (worrying the next day if he / she was clean) so much better.  

There are many reasons why communicating your intentions help with all sorts of situations in your life, but they will definitely make first time sex with a date much better.  And telling someone you want to fuck may have a stigma attached to it, but so does everything you do in life with sex attached to it.   Do what makes you happy and enjoy yourself.

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