Sex Games For Couples: Thanos – Snap and Get Naked

Sex Games For Couples: Thanos – Snap and Get Naked

So let’s just snap our fingers and all get naked shall we?  

What can make sex more fun and playful than turning it into a game? Throughout our years of marriage we have came up with ideas that we may or may not have actually used. But nonetheless, we have decided to share our ideas with our readers. Some of these sex games may help with communication or kinky secrets, some may be for sex parties, but others just may be simple quick fun to use as foreplay. If you and your partner have your own games, please share in the comments below or email us ideas!

The Rules: Thanos

Pretend you have a super power and at the snap of your fingers your spouse gets totally naked, no matter what he/she is doing, or where he/she is at.  Since you are playing this game with your lover, I would assume you would keep the game simple and fun.  Oh yea, and legal.

This can be fun if you make it an entire weekend challenge, or a 24 hour period.  From doing daily chores around the house, to outside mowing the grass or doing garden work, as soon as your partner snaps, you strip down.  In the yard, in the house, it doesn’t matter.  If you are really risky, snapping in public.  You can even reward the other if they make it through the entire day with a prize of their choice. It could be sexual, a vacation, or just something simple and fun.  The higher the prize, the more willing your partner is too just strip down no matter where you snap your fingers.  

It’s always fun to see someone in full attire, then seconds later, totally nude.

Other ideas for possible rules:

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