Baggy Sweats and No Panties

Baggy Sweats and No Panties

I asked my husband to order me a few new dresses that fit me a bit better.  I lost a lot of weight and have a few baby doll dresses I really enjoy.  I  wear these dresses each day after work, while cooking, or just doing around the house things. He has always been complimentary of the designs I had so I wanted the exact same ones, except in a few sizes smaller.  During my conversation with him, he mentioned that he wishes I only wore baby doll dresses when we were out in public. 

For the record, this is the exact opposite of what he told me a few years ago! 

At one point he suggested I wear cute baby doll dresses around the house, casually.  But I guess after a few years, these dresses automatically become something too casual.  Like his desire to see a baby doll dress was gone and he wanted to work on getting that back.

Crazy guy. But it doesn’t matter, because it isn’t a battle I want to fight.  I will wear whatever makes him happy, because that’s what we ladies do…make our men happy.

He asked me what I thought about wearing baggy sweats with no panties around the house.  Maybe with a tank top and no bra.  At first I was like, how about no way!   Talk about the most unsexy thing (nevermind, that link changed my mind lol) I could ever think of!  What the hell is going through my husband’s mind.

Vibes-DownHowever, with a little explanation, I can see why.  Its the idea of me being covered, casual, laid back, and wearing something around the house that he can pull down and see my body.  Especially now that I’ve lost weight, it’s like pulling down something loose and baggy is sexy because it exposes something small and petite.  Not that I am petite, but you get my point.  I kind of understand.  When I was heavier, he probably wouldn’t have wanted to see me in sweats, for those exact reasons.   Weird huh?

Anyway, as we were cleaning up our camper he told me he wanted to take pictures and show me why baggy sweats were sexy.  Excited, I thought, well shoot, let me surprise him and go get my shell toe Adidas!   If you guys do not know the history of these Adidas, I will spare you the details.  However, with sweats and a tank top, it fits the bill.  

Enjoy the new laid back version of me!  Sexy huh?!

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you are not even just sexy) you are HOT!!!