Q&A: Is it wrong to swallow my own cum?

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Wrong, gay, or masturbation?

Dear Venice and Ryan,

Since I was a little kid I would masturbate multiple times a day, but never in the bathroom because someone would always interupt and ruin the moment.  I was a crafty young guy so I started doing the deed under my bed or in my closet, depending on if my mom and dad were home, or my brothers and sister.  If noone was home, I’d do it in my dad’s  lazyboy in the living room while watching an exercise show on ESPN or something.   At first, these locations worked great because I couldn’t really cum.  I would get hard and jack off until I got this insane feeling under my balls but nothing would ever come out.  I was masturbating long before my balls could produce baby formula.  I didn’t know better anyway, I just knew it felt good and I never had a mess to worry about.  This was actually awesome.  Eventually though,  my huge moments started producing small drops clear drops, which I would play with.   I remember rubbing my fingers together and watching it stick to each finger.   I also remember it tasting sweet.   Anyway, a few years later I was a teenager and my little clear drops became huge cum shots.  I’d say, from watching porn, my pre-weed orgasms were well beyond average, almost worrisome.    Thankfully, after I started smoking weed I averaged out a bit.  Anyway, I used to cum and wipe it on a shirt on the closet floor or try to wipe it off on the bottom side of my mattress.   I probably did this for months before I started smelling a slight sweet,  but awkward odor, in the closet and underneath my bed.   I figured this wasn’t good for hygiene so one day I held out my own hand and fed myself my sperm.  It wasn’t sweet like before, but more of a bitter peroxide taste.  I didn’t really enjoy it, but it was convenient.  I have now been doing this for four years, everyday, sometimes many times a day.  I now enjoy the taste just as much as I enjoy not having a mess.   I am not sure if I am addicted, but I read your article about semen being addictive, as well it containing mood altering hormones.  I wonder if this is something I am now addicted to, and if it’s okay to swallow my own cum?    Any advice would be appreciated.

Venice’s response: 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating your own cum.  I eat my husband’s cum every time it leaves his body and I love it.  And because I love it, it only seems right that he should love it too.

Back to your question though.  I don’t see a guy eating his own cum as a disgusting act; I see it as just the opposite.  In fact, if I could hang him upside down, have him shoot his own load into his mouth, and watch him eat it, that could be one of the hottest things he could ever do.  I don’t think it’s gross, unnatural, or weird.  Seeing a man eat his own cum is thrilling and sexy.  It shows he’s confident in his own sexuality and not afraid to go to the extremes.  Knowing a man can get wild in bed is something a woman should embrace because it shows he’s comfortable with her and their life.

If you think about it, if something is created in the human body, it’s more than likely safe for immediate consumption, with the exception of feces, only because E.coli is found naturally in the human body and can get you seriously sick (or worse).

Is it okay to swallow your own cum?  Sure!  Go for it.

Ryan’s response:

First of all, I am not a doctor.  I have no idea if it’s physically harmful to swallow your own semen (although I highly doubt it — I’ve never gotten sick either).   If you are really curious about the effects of swallowing semen, maybe check out a medical website where you can ask real doctors questions, possibly a urologist, as I assume this isn’t something you’d feel comfortable asking your local family doctor at your next visit.

With that being said, I do have my own non medical opinion.   Swallowing your own cum is not harmful,  as long as you do not have an infection or an STD.  If you were to purposely not orgasm for weeks, your body would absorb your semen anyway, so I’d assume recycling your cum through swallowing does nothing more than feels kinky, and keeps your “work area” clean.   I do not think it will have any effect on your mood either, as the acids in your stomach would destroy much of your ejaculate.   In the article you mentioned (Anal Sex – Semen in a woman’s ass creates a higher sex drive and dependency), I actually explain the differences between semen being swallowed compared to semen being released into a woman’s colon.  That would be a different issue entirely.

To answer your question though, no, I do not think there is anything wrong with swallowing your own semen.  If you enjoy it, enjoy it.  You only live once.   Just remember, the same way you keep your “work” area clean after you masturbate, you can apply those same principles to your woman’s vagina.  Clean up your mess you leave inside her.  She will love it, she will be a lot fresher the next day, and you get to keep your healthy daily dose.    Have fun!

Q&A: Is it hard to be in an interracial relationship?



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What a beautiful mix

Maria from California:

Dear Venice and Ryan,

My question is regarding interracial relationships.  I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and I noticed that Venice is Thai and  Ryan is Italian/Russian.   I guess my question is a bit dumb, but did anyone in your family have a problem when you first told them about one another?  I am Mexican and my boyfriend is black.  My parents do not know about him but I know they would be extremely unhappy if they found out, especially my father.   Do you think it’s okay to go against your parents wishes when you are dating?  I just do not find Mexican men attractive at all.


Venice’s response:

Hi there. No, I did not get any grief from my family. I grew up with parents who embraced other cultures; we kind of had to since we were part of a minority culture ourselves. No one said anything to me when I introduced him to the family. In fact, they welcomed him with open arms and took him in immediately. Actually, we got more stares from other Asians and Caucasians when were out in public. Really, everybody stares, but I don’t care. I just take that opportunity to hold him tighter, or grab his butt, depending on what kind of look they give us.

I can understand the position you’re in having to choose between your boyfriend and your family. If you feel he is the one, you’ll know what you have to do. Ultimately, your happiness is all that matters.

Ryan’s response:

I don’t think it’s wrong to go against your parents’ wishes (when it comes to relationships and who you date), especially since you cannot really control what you do or don’t like.  I also do not feel you need to worry about even introducing your boyfriends unless you are very serious about them.  And I do not mean serious like, you have been dating for 2 months and you love him so much, you are soulmates, then a week later you dump him serious.  I mean, possibly, if you guys are thinking about getting engaged, introduce the guy to your parents.  Why purposely stress your father out bringing home random black men you are screwing?

Also, I have never really had any issues with Venice being Asian.  My family was open and accepted her with no issues at all.   We do live in a stuffy town and neighborhood though, because I believe we are known as the “interracial couple”, or so I’ve heard.

Q&A: Sex twice a month?

Pay day? Sex day?

Joanna from Michigan:

Dear Venice,

How do you have sex with your husband twice a day and not get wore out?  I have sex with my husband maybe 2 times a month and usually for the next few weeks  I am too sore to walk.  Is this because he is too big or is this normal?   If it’s normal, how do you manage to have sex so much?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Venice’s Response:

Hi Joanna.  Firstly, go to your OB and ask him/her if there is anything wrong with your body.  If you get the green light that everything is okay, move on to the rest of my answer.

It is very possible that your husband has such a large penis that it makes sex uncomfortable for you, but I highly doubt that’s the problem.  Your vagina is made to take the abuse from your partner, it’s what makes a woman so special.  A man can work all day lifting moving furniture, stressed out from his boss giving him too much overtime, come home, pull your panties off, and take out all the stress in his life out on your pussy.  It won’t break.  It’s also the same hole that gives birth to eight-pound babies.   Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and limping around for the next week, pride yourself in being fucked properly by your husband.  Most women would kill to have such a stud in the bedroom that for the next  week their thighs and vagina are sore.  In fact, that’s the exact feeling I go for when I have sex, which is why I beg Ryan to pound me out as hard as he can.  I like walking around the next day knowing I have bruises on my inner thighs and my lips are torn from being fucked right.   It makes me feel like a woman.

Perhaps part of you problem may be attitude.  Do not be a victim and pout around for a day about your vagina being sore.  If you want to take care of your husband each day, by all means do it!  Good luck to you both!

 Ryan’s response: 

It’s too bad your husband only gets to experience one of the greatest pleasures in our short lives twice a month because you are hung up on how your vagina feels after sex.  Venice burns the skin off of my penis half the time, but this doesn’t stop us from loving each other and being intimate each day.  It’s part of a healthy relationship to be sexually active with your partner, and I’d say if you tried having sex more than once a week, you’d get used to feeling like a real woman.  In fact, I believe you’d love it.