China’s Wankathon – Celebration of Safe Sex on World Aids Day

A contest with no real winner or loser.

The organizers of China’s first World AIDS Day Masturbation Contest say they’re just celebrating HIV risk-free sexual freedom, according to Shanghaiist.  The website dubbed the Dec. 1 contest a “Wankathon,” though it should not be confused with San Francisco’s annual “Masturbate-a-thon.”

There was no nudity and the ten male participants wore masks and hid their genitals with orange buckets that would later reveal their hard work. To keep the ten wankathon contestants motivated, sexy models danced around them with sex toys and blow-up dolls.

Under those conditions I do not see how the men even ejaculated, but apparently they all did, none of them beating the world record.  The current World Record holder of the “Longest Time Spent Masturbating” is pornstar Sonny Nash, who pleasured himself for an impressive 10 hours and 10 minutes in May, 2012.

Source: Shanghaiist

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