Control Freak

Anal Morning
Venice this morning, controlling the show

When I first married Venice I quickly learned that she was a morning person.  How did I learn?  Each morning before I could wake up I would feel something rubbing between my legs.  Whether it be pulling my loose ball sac up, which usually hangs below my thighs, up between my legs so she could fondle me, or wrapping her hand lightly around my penis and tickling me in a jack-off motion.  Sometimes I would wake up fully erect with her stroking my penis, sometimes I would wake up as she was pulling off my covers to get on top of me, and sometimes I would wake up right as my dick slides inside her body.   Because of work, responsibility, or just opposite schedules, this morning ritual stopped.

This morning,  I felt Venice’s hand reaching around my body.  For the past week, she has clawed for my penis and usually falls asleep with it in her hand.  I figured she woke up and noticed we moved apart, so I scooted near her so she could hold my penis and get back to sleep.  After I scooted back, I fell back asleep.  I woke up, possibly 10 minutes later, semi erect and Venice rubbing my crotch with dirty intentions.  At this point, I rolled over so she could feel all of my cock rather than half, as half tends to tuck in my lap as I lay sideways.   She moaned in my ear, finally being able to really feel my full cock in her hand.   She doesn’t hesitate to climb on top of me and slowly work her vagina down on my dick.  She wasn’t as wet as she normally is, so she had to carefully work me in, inch by inch, making sure not to tear her insides.  As my dick bottoms out inside her, her vagina begins to wet my entire crotch.  She rides me in a way that her inner g-spot gets rubbed hard enough, that her vagina will leak a very large amount of fluid.  I am not talking normal wetness, I am talking about almost like a physical orgasm that drenches both of our bodies.   This is actually what Venice wanted, because she immediately lifts her body up just high enough for my penis to slide out of her body.  She lowers herself quick enough so that my erect cock slides behind her body, up her back, through her ass cheeks, and rubbing over her anus.  She moves my dick back into her body to reapply her juices, and again, let’s me slide out just enough so that she can lower her body and have my dick slide up her back.   Each time, her ass cheeks and ass get wetter.  The last time, she lifts up, and I feel my dick slide inside her wet vagina again.  I moan, as I feel her tightening her thigh muscles and squeezing my dick.  I look up and she asks, “You like that?”

I whisper back, “I love your pussy.”  I can’t really say much because I am high from the chemicals released in my brain during sex.  I am lost in this feeling, which I admit I am addicted to.

She looks at me and smiles, “That’s my ass, Ryan.”

I snap out of my high for a second and try to feel the texture I am sliding in and out of.   To be totally honest, if done right and the woman is in total control, the change can be very subtle, especially since Venice’s Asian pussy has always been extremely tight.   I close my eyes and concentrate on what I am feeling.  Indeed, I am inside her wet asshole.  I am not sure when the switch was made, but I assume it was that last time she slid down on my dick.  I immediately ask her if she wants me to roll her over and put my cum deep in her ass (please read our article regarding how Venice has became addicted to the cum in her ass — the hormones, it changes her personality, and it makes her extremely horny for the rest of the day).  She looks down and tells me not yet.  She grinds her ass in my lap, moaning the entire time.   She will look down every other minute and ask me to tell her where my dick is.  I immediately respond, half high from our sex, “Your ass baby.”   She moans and smiles, pressing her body against mine as hard as she can to feel my entire dick deep in her body.

I eventually get the sex rush and want to take back my control in the bedroom.  I roll her over, keeping my dick inside her ass, buckle down and start to ram my dick in her as hard as I can.   She moans but still grabs my throat, pushing my head off her body.  She squeezes her hand and tells me to slow down.  Still holding my throat, she warns me, “You better not cum until I tell you.”  The control move failed and I’ve learned my freaky wife loves to be in charge, a true control freak.

I am now putty in her hands and do whatever it is she wants to do while I slowly feel her ass with my swollen dick.  After going over with me different ideas she has for a photo shoot tonight (lol – yes), she calmly says, “Okay, you can cum now.”

I came.

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