The Walking Dead Head

captSo after drinking all night, Ryan walks up to me and grabs my ass, which is so sore from taking a beating from the night before.  He laughs, I giggle and say it’s not funny but I smile anyway at the idea that my ass has a huge purple mark from last night’s photo session.  That blog is coming soon.  Anyway, Ryan motions for me to take off my shorts.   I notice the huge bulge in his pants.  He dives his face in my pussy and ass, sticking his tongue deep in my rear. Hell yea, we’re about to anal, I think.  After wetting me up good with his tongue, I watch him wet his dick.  I moan, excited to feel the pressure of his fat cock in my ass.  He slowly slides his bald-headed baby Jesus in with no problem.  Being that we’re both so drunk, I’d say my man is skilled enough to land an airplane safely even if he were half-conscious.  The guy’s got skills.

I guess getting real Cialis big-headed, he calmly lays at my side because he decides to get me off by while sucking nipples and rubbing my clit while he fucks my ass.  I look over to Ryan and ask him to get back on top, letting him know this isn’t a good idea.  I know if he can’t stay 100% hard, he’s not going to get that big thing in my tight ass.

He mumbles something half-drunk trying to be sexy and starts rubbing my clit.  I immediately close my eyes as I start to feel the orgasm building.  In seconds, I slowly feel a soft penis slither out of me.  Desperate, Ryan squeezes the base of his penis to bring all the blood forward to create one last effort of what was once a beautiful erection.  This is like trying to shove a loaf of bread in keyhole.  I shake my head, skilled enough to land an airplane…only if he can keep the engine running.  He gives up and lets his penis dangle as he slides one finger in my ass while his thumb rubs my clit.  He’s sucking one nipple with his hand on the other.  Too drunk to feel sorry for him, I close my eyes and focus on my orgasm.

After a few minutes, I climax.  I notice that he’s desperately pulling at his soft penis.  I slide over sideways and start kissing on his nipple while whispering a dirty story to him.  His penis is done.

With my other hand I start tickling his ass and rubbing his balls, which helps get his penis half erect.  This is all he needs.  His legs and muscles tighten up.  He asks if I want to taste his cum.  I get off his shoulder and whisper in his ear that I want to watch it shoot out and eat it off his body.

Before I continue, we have one rule that we aren’t against, but we just don’t do: if Ryan is in my ass, we prefer to keep his dick out of my mouth.  Not that it’s gross, but there’s E-coli..and we are definitely not porn stars.

As I was saying, Ryan’s lying on his back, muscles are tensed up, his ass is arched up in the air, and his once hanging balls now resembles a walnut. Both drunk, I am now watching his cum fly everywhere.  Before he can finish, I attack the sperm on his body.  Being extra silly, I began rubbing my face in his stomach, his cum shooting into my hair and ear.  I turn my head towards his dick, mouth wide open and tongue out.  Ryan immediately reaches and grabs my hair with one hand while his other hand yanks his dick down towards his knee so I couldn’t suck the cum off his dick head.  Drunkenly thinking it’s because he’s sensitive, I playfully make the gagging noise and force my way to his dick.  He’s pulling my hair and screaming, “STOP!!!”  It’s like the scene from “The Walking Dead” when the Governor is holding his young zombie daughter by her hair to keep her from eating him.  I’m almost positive if there was a pillowcase near Ryan, it would be over my head.  Now laughing hysterically, but holding me by my hair, he reminds me that his dick was in my ass.  I laugh and stop.

Shower, blog….still tipsy.

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