Dirty Talk: Husband Has Sex With A Man In My Backseat While I Drive

Dirty Talk:  Husband Has Sex With A Man In My Backseat While I Drive

The Dirty Talk Intro & Disclaimer:  Everything in the story below about my husband having sex with a man is random and created on the spot while massaging and giving a handjob to him.  No filters, no rules, no boundaries; just a story and situation created to help my husband orgasm and enjoy our experience together.  We do this for intimacy and find handjobs less destructive on our bodies than having sex daily (our bodies just can’t handle penetrative sex each day).   All dirty talk is usually pure fantasy.  I use this dirty talk as a form of mental porn for my husband while he is in a vulnerable state due to being touched and massaged.  Sexual intimacy can also help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression as it triggers the release of three mood-boosting chemicals — dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.  I usually also get really wet because my own naughty thoughts push my own personal boundaries and really turn me on.  This is why it’s so fun.  Unlike giving a blowjob or going through the theatrics of sex, you both connect thoughts together and create sexual stories in the heat of the moment.  He trusts me and we both love this natural vulnerability.  I can almost get inside his head and control his fantasies, dirty thoughts, and talk him into an orgasm in the exact moment my story hits it’s climax.  During my stories he will ask me questions while I talk.  I will include these to the best of my memory.  In fact, every story is to the best of my memory, as I do not know remember all the exact details.   


Dirty Talk: Husband Has Sex With A Man In My Backseat While I Drive

Sometimes when I massage my husband and talk dirty to him I like to press his limits and force him to be open to every idea.  And when I say every idea, I mean every idea.  My husband knows I love gay porn, it’s something I have always been very open about with everyone.  Not just him, just in general.  If we are hanging out with other adults, in good company, maybe sipping a bit.  If the topic of porn comes up, I usually mention that I prefer gay or lesbian porn.  It’s also a pretty safe answer.  Because if I said, “I like seeing women get banged and bukkake’d by 7 guys,” that wouldn’t be very lady like.  And no matter how I come off in these blog postings, in person, I try to always be a lady.  I was raised in a conservative Asian family and naturally I don’t open up unless I am with those I feel close with.  Which isn’t many people.

However, my husband gets the naughtiest version of me.  And tonight I want watch him orgasm to the possibility of a gay experience.  


My Husband Has Sex With A Man

How about we make a date with a guy and I drive you to see him?
My husband is still soft, but his dick rushes with blood knowing I am going to take him down a forbidden path.
what do you mean?
I mean, how would you feel if I drove you around and listened to a guy suck your dick in the backseat?
would that turn you on?
His dick is already hard, so I already know it turns him on.
Yes, that would really turn me on.  I would watch in the rear-view mirror and roll around town until I knew you finished.   
tell me about it…
First we would pick up the guy together and he would know in advance that I am your wife and I want to listen to you get your dick sucked.   He gets in the car, nervous, and I don’t say a word.  He closes the door and I start riding around town, with no real direction.   
do you want me to talk or just pull
 my dick out?

I want you to immediately just pull your dick out and push his head down towards it.  I don’t want to hear you talk to him.  I just want to hear his mouth sliding up and down your dick.  I want to look in the rear-view and see his head in your lap.  I want to hear you moan as your dick grows.
you want me to talk to you so you know what’s going on?
Yes, please.  Talk to me so I can listen in detail.  I want to hear how deep he is taking your dick.  If his mouth feels warm, tell me so I can hear what you are feeling. 
I will…
I want you to tell him to take off his clothes so I can see his body.  I want to see his dick grow.  I want to see how hard he gets when he is sucking your dick and being held in your lap.
do you want me to grab his dick and stroke him while he sucks me?
Yeah, I want to see you stroke him.  I want to see you rubbing his balls and touching his body while he tries to get you to cum in his mouth.   Make him lay his body flat and spread his legs, while you arch your body up and fuck his face. 
would it make you horny?
I’d be so fucking horny knowing you were in the backseat getting your dick sucked by another man.  
you’d want to see me fuck him too?
My husband is now rubbing both of his nipples and moving his hips into my hands, like he is using my palms as another man’s mouth.
Yes.  But I don’t want to see you get fucked.  I just want to hear him get fucked and take all of your dick.  I don’t want you to be gentle.  Don’t go slow.  I want you to be rough and really shove your entire dick inside him in one deep motion.  I want to hear him yell and tell you take it easy.  I want you to make him whine and cry while I listen.
where would you want me to cum?
Inside him.  I want you to fuck him raw and cum inside his ass.
would it make you jealous?
No, it would make me wet.  I would love to see you breed another man and put your cum inside his body. Make him yours. I’d turn around and watch your ass moving up and down on top of his body.  I’d watch your balls slapping against him while you pound his little hole. 
be careful, you’re going to be driving…
So cute, he is on the edge of an orgasm and he is so caught up in the visualization that he is worried about his safety!  No condom? No big deal!  Strange man sucking his dick?  No big deal!  Worried I am not watching the road and speeding?  Big deal!  LOL,  I love this man.
I’d have a hard time driving because everything inside me would want to stop the car and just watch everything that is going on, especially your balls twitching while you cum inside him.  I’d want to see you pull out and all of your cum gushes out of his hole.  That would turn me on so much…
let me cum on myself…
Before he could say more, my husband grabbed his dick out of my hand and stroked his cum all over himself.  Something about my gay stories makes him want to shoot cum everywhere.  His sperm launches up to his chest and shoulder. 
When he is done, his body drops back into my lap and I can feel the sweat on his ass on top of my legs.  I slowly go down on him and lick his cum off his hairy stomach and crotch.  No matter where he finishes, I always clean his body.   husband has sex with man

For other couples, it’s totally okay to dive into things you may never want to really experience, with your minds.  We read this a lot on relationship forums.  Sometimes it creates mixed signals, sometimes it creates insecurities.  So talk to your partner, let them know a fantasy is just a fantasy, and assure them it will never go beyond that.  It can be fun, kinky, and let you explore ideas you never thought you’d talk about with anyone else.  You’ll be surprised what an open mind and dialogue can lead to. 
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