My husband and I finally tried anal and it was amazing!

My husband and I finally tried anal and it was amazing!

I am 29 and my husband is 30.  As someone who was searching for anal advice recently and found your blog, I thought I’d share my experience.

I wasn’t technically an anal virgin when I met my husband. It happened with two previous boyfriends, but both were very painful, unplanned, “oops it slipped into the wrong hole” when drunk situations. Both were awful. My husband and I tried anal early in our relationship, but I was so nervous that we never made it past toys.

The idea of getting railed in the ass has always really turned me on, so I was determined to try again. We picked out an anal plug beginners kit and some good lube. I decided to go the extra mile, so I did a fleet enema (got it on Amazon) before we started. I also had a tiny edible, so I would feel more relaxed.

We started with some basic foreplay and PIV sex. Then we moved on to the plug kit. We got to the biggest plug and decided to give it a go. He was so gentle, slowed down and stopped when I asked without hesitation. Once I was fully adjusted to him he steadily increased speed until he was going for it and it was so. Fucking. Amazing. Legitimately one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Will 100% do it again.

My point is, don’t let previous bad experiences scare you away from trying something you’re interested in. With the right partner and open communication, it could become something you end up loving.

Venice’s response to finally tried anal

I am so glad you had an amazing experience!   And you know what else?!  Anal sex and semen in a woman’s ass causes a higher sex drive.   So don’t be surprised if you try this more often and you start having random spurts of being extremely horny.  Trust me, it happened to me.

I have a similar story with orgasms.   The first time I orgasmed while analing (with the help from a toy), my orgasm was so much more intense.   I believe this is because of the pressure and stretch your anus feels, which helps make the orgasm much better.  When I orgasm though vaginal penetration, I liked to be fucked hard while I cum.  When I orgasm while analing, I do not have to be fucked hard because the stretch and pressure is already intense enough to maximize the pleasure I feel during an orgasm.

Ryan’s response to finally tried anal

We are both really happy for you!  I am glad our blog could help you keep an open mind and try something that you previously had bad experiences with.  Maybe your story will help others also see the advantages of anal sex.

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