V’s Wet Inbox – He gets upset when I don’t swallow

Happy Cum“I hate swallowing my husband’s cum.  I don’t know if it’s because I know it comes from inside his body or I just don’t get why men need to have their mess swallowed. It just makes me want to gag.   Plus the taste and texture are horrible.”

I understand how you feel because there was a time when I didn’t like swallowing.  I did it, but I didn’t enjoy it.  Semen isn’t pumpkin juice. I get it, it doesn’t have a marketable flavor.  But there is a mental feeling behind it, symbolism if you will, behind the act of swallowing.  It’s your man, it’s his juices, it’s clean, and more importantly, it’s not disgusting.  How could something that creates human life be disgusting?  I think you have to understand this concept as a first step in swallowing, not just plugging your nose and asking your man to accept the “I swallowed.  Are you happy now?” attitude.

With that being said, understand that it’s not the taste that you hate, it’s probably the act. Full acceptance of your man and, for lack of a better word, swallowing your pride, means you are ready to start having fun with your man’s semen. Start with a small lick of it, just enough to taste it. Feel the texture, the aftertaste, the way it slides on your tongue, the gritty feeling left behind when you swallow – love it, love everything about it. When you’re ready, let him shoot on your lips; lick your lips clean like you’re licking cupcake icing off of your lips.

Another thing to remember is that for me, it turns me on to show off to my man that I love his cum, to the point where I want it everywhere on me. I’ll let him cum anywhere he wants as long as I get to eat it.  Another symbolic action is ensuring that it ends up in me, either in my mouth, vagina, or ass. I’m not a prostitute who wipes her John’s jizz off her stomach or ass cheeks when she’s done fucking. It’s an honor to have my man on me, in me, wherever I can get it. You work hard to turn him on, fuck him, and to get his juices flowing out and up his dick. So whatever comes out of it, you own.  Why would I want the fluid that helped create my family thrown in the trash or flushed down the toilet on a napkin?  It’s special, I treat it special.  I take care of my man’s seeds, and put them where they belong, in my body.

Remember: of all the things you put in your body – alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (illegal or otherwise) soda, junk food, and candy, semen should be the least of your problems. It’s  healthy, clean (probably the absolute cleanest thing that comes out of the human body — as long as your man is healthy),  and it’s chock full of nutrients.

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Wonderful post with great advice. There is no luckier man than your husband.