Her Perspective on the Anal Butt Plug

Wearing a plug with see through panties is Ryan's mating call.
Wearing a plug with see through panties is Ryan’s mating call.

Original Article:  To me, seeing a pink, rubber anal plug is not as sexy as seeing a stainless steel one with a pink or blue diamond-esque cap. There’s nothing wrong with the pink plug – I have one myself. But when I first saw the shiny, metal anal plug, it looked regal, provoking viewers to draw their own conclusions as to what purpose such a fancy piece of metal served

Besides the aesthetic purpose, I assumed that it can also be served as a placeholder for a near future ass-fucking. The actual circumference of the the stem of the smallest plug is approximately the size of a #2 pencil.  So although it’s not too wide around, it can be used to “semi-stretch” myself in preparation for anal sex.  When I found out there were three sizes, I knew it had to be true. Starting with the smallest size and working your way up, all three were meant to stay put. The spade-shape is meant for your sphincter muscle to grasp around the narrowest point. Trust me, that thing is not coming out no matter how hard you push. I have to pull on it tight and my reflex is to squeeze. So there is no danger of it “accidentally coming out” when you’re walking.

When I put it on in the morning, I use a few drops of lube on the tip and swirl it around a few times before working it into my anus. I relax my muscles as I carefully slide it in until it’s nestled comfortably in my body. I alternate tightening and relaxing times in order to lubricate the stem and maneuver the plug into the perfect position. The first day I wore the smallest plug was quite comfortable. It was the outside that was slightly uncomfortable because when I moved around in my chair, the cap would pinch on my butt cheek skin. The next day I wore the second size and not only was the narrowest part slightly wider in circumference, but the entire plug itself pushed in me deeper too. I knew that I had to spend a little more time in stage 2 than I did in stage 1.  Eventually it got to the point to where I’d be lying in bed and I’d ask him to go ahead and put it in me, like I’d just asked him to turn off the light.

But no matter which size I have in, there was one thing that was guaranteed: Ryan was going to get in my ass that night. Wearing it makes me feel sexy and kinky. I have a dirty little secret that only Ryan and I knew about. It reminds me of our intimacy, our open-mindedness, our love of seeking new experiences together. I never dreamt of doing, let alone enjoying, 95% of the things we do. But we grew as a couple, experiencing so many “firsts” together.  I haven’t had many issues with anal sex, especially when I initiate it.  Sometimes my pussy would get so wet when I’d ride him that I’d use my own juices to slide my ass down onto his dick.  I would lift up, smear my wetness on the outside of my hole, and slip down smoothly onto his cock without one single tear. When Ryan sees the little jewel between my ass cheeks, he knows exactly what’s on my mind.  It’s similar to a mating call and a day-long way to turn him on without touching him.  I would even go as far as saying it’s more of a symbolic representation of my sexuality.  Knowing that the plug is in leaves the option of ass-fucking open.  Sometimes we don’t, even if I’ve been wearing it all day.

I haven’t done any research on others’ experiences, but I have made my own discoveries:

Discovery 1:  It’s hard to dry off after I pee at work.   It gets under the jewelry and is hard to dry.  Being at work isn’t the most convenient place to care for a butt plug.

Discovery 2:  There is no need to wear it the day after you have anal sex.  Why?  Because I’d say most dicks are wider than the jewel and for the next few days my anus will be much looser.  This means, the smaller sizes can possibly come out during different situations (see discovery 3).

Discovery 3:  Although your ass muscles are tight and strong, under some circumstances the plug can get pushed out.  For instance, one day I raced into the bathroom after work  only to find Ryan in there.  With my pants already half down and my body ready to release, I knew I couldn’t make it to another bathroom in our house so I jump in the shower, squatted down, and released (yes, I peed in the shower!).  I believe the force of my muscles holding and suddenly relaxing coupled with the squatting position (maybe helping to spread my cheeks) caused the plug to pop out. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t even realize it until I heard the heavy thud beneath me.  This was with a smaller size and the day after having anal sex.  A lot of different variables.

Discovery 4:   When removing the plug make sure you have a moist wipe ready to clean it.  Your anus isn’t the cleanest area on your body so don’t be grossed out if it’s a bit dirty.

I love wearing my plug.  I don’t feel there are any negative outcomes, physically or otherwise, by using one even for the length of a workday.  My only drawback is the limited colors and styles that are available (unlike tongue piercing barbells).  This may be a good thing because I might amass an extensive collection that could require its own bathroom drawer.

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I just read this and find so enthralling! I too wear the plug, though for myself, it is a daily endeavor and it is only for me. My wife is not into anal. I learned long ago of the pleasures a man can get from anal and prostate stimulation. As a result, I have a huge collection of anal toys, and guaranteed, on a daily basis, something is up there. over 3 years ago I bought my first stainless toy and today it is my daily companion.