Interesting Search Terms

Occasionally we like to look at our search terms to see which terms are bringing readers to our blog. While these search terms do not dictate the subject matter of our work, we admit we do get a kick out of the results.  We have about a dozen or so search terms that have been searched 100 or higher.  Borrrring.  We did find a two-word search phrase in which a simple word order switch yielded a lower result!  As interesting as it is to see what our most popular search terms are, we thought we’d share some of our more entertaining ones:

World record cum swallow

Is my husband fingering at work

Young teen girl is giving a blowjob and he cums so deep in the throat that she almost drowns in sperm and the cum runs out through her nose

Why this girl said to other my dick is small

Please don’t cum in my wife

Suffercation sex

I made my husband suck another man’s cock

stepmom fuck blog

high quality sex blog <– you know, versus a low quality sex blog (shrug)

Ass stretching with pencils

Cum on food

Cum cookie

Fuck my pillow

Who deepthroats better men or women

I hate cum

How does my penis compare to a smaller one?

I aim for her eye sockets and nose

How to eat your cum

Miley Cyrus naked

Your mom deepthroat my dick + pic

Throat bulge while sucking dick

Erotic strangulation searches and methods


I like the feeling of cuming in my throat during deepthroating stories

Hand fetish

Big hand fetish

The sounds of women deep throating and swallowing cum


Redhead archives

He needs cushion butt to fuck me

Drunk, he felt his pants being taken off

Choking and erection pics

Pink nipples

Deepthroat video where you can see the cock going down

Young men small penis blog

Dental dam porn

Real caught in bushes sex pics

My wife will not let me cum inside her no more

She woke up with sperm in her ass

Suck cock how to deepthroat directions

I enjoy gagging on my husband’s cock while he slaps my face

Big hand and dick up in my ass

deepthroat pass out

To be continued….

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Ha! Love it!! 😀